Is coffee Paleo? Plus our favorite morning beverages: coffee, tea, and brewed chocolate!

Are you drinking one of our favorite morning beverages?! Plus, what we got at our local butcher and all the feels on our 6th Paleo-versary! …this and much more in this week’s newsletter!

organic butcher haul | Paleo Parents

Look at this haul! We planned out our meals for last week and this, getting all our produce and quality meat and seafood from our local butcher that will feed a family of 6 for 12 days for under $250. Making quality food that we enjoy is how we sustain this lifestyle, with luscious splurges like lamb chops we don’t feel we’re missing a thing – yet we are spending and wasting less. Find out more about our weekly meal plans —> HERE.

silvas gluten-free bakery treat | Paleo Parents

We do include treats and going out to eat in our weekly meal plan and food budget- like this mommy date to Silva’s (one of our favorite gluten-free bakeries) and Pete’s Coffee! The DC area where we live has a ton of Paleo-friendly options that we love supporting (we’ve written about a lot of them, if you’re local!). Lattes and muffins sure hit the spot!

fauxmato photo shoot | Paleo Parents

This week marked our 6th Paleo-versary. And we have changed and evolved over the years, one thing remains constant: we love and respect each other, and love to spend quality time together as a family.

A couple years ago, on the heels of our third cookbook, the boys told us they resented Paleo and cookbook writing because it took too much of our time. We were so thankful that they felt comfortable enough to bring this to us, and we immediately took steps to change the environment for them. We scaled the blog back, stopped writing cookbooks, and gave ourselves more time to spend with the family doing fun things together, even simple things like movies and Chinese Checkers (an old family favorite!).

paleo relaxation and chinese checkers | Paleo Parents

Through this, we’ve found the boys have more creative ideas to share and are actually interested and excited about the blog again. And when Cole asked to help photograph our new Fauxmato sauce recipe, my heart fluttered. There is nothing greater than seeing our kids happy, engaged, and helping in the kitchen- it’s what we advocate and talk about all the time. I didn’t realize how much we were creating resentment and frustration around food for them, but now to look back I am so grateful for that family meeting they called to share their feelings with us, and that we could turn it around like we did.

Here’s to slowing down, doing less, and listening more! And as always, thanks for your support over the years. You are part of the reason why we do this, and we’re grateful for this opportunity to help and inspire those struggling to make healthy changes.

I hope all us mothers (and fathers and children) remember just that this Mother’s Days.There really truly is nothing more valuable than your loved ones <3

Health-Promoting Coffee & Coffee-Alternatives

Listen, we’re not trying to start a Paleo civil war. Some people swear by coffee while others can’t tolerate it. Matt and Stacy fall pretty much on each side of the spectrum. While he feels better on caffeine, she avoids it because it’s an autoimmune trigger that also contributes to adrenal fatigue. So, what do each of us recommend for a morning or evening warm beverage?

Everyone loves a warm beverage! Is coffee paleo? Our favorite Paleo coffee and coffee-alternatives for your mornings and evenings! |Paleo Parents

Here are some of our health-promoting favorites!

Perfect “buttered coffee” all in a convenient packet- just add to hot water! Matt has been enjoying these in the morning lately and likes how smooth and creamy this coffee is. Each packet contains coffee, clarified grass-fed butter, extra-virgin coconut oil, organic egg yolk, and organic vanilla. These packets are the perfect size to fit in your purse….err, I mean, man bag. Gym bag? Suitcase? Find Coffee Blocks —> HERE.

Bulletproof Coffee Cartridges

Compatible with Keurig-style K-Cup brewers, the same Bulletproof coffee you know and love, just in a more convenient style! Bulletproof coffee’s claim to fame is that their beans are obsessively selected, tested, and exotically processed to be as free from unhealthy, performance-robbing coffee toxins as possible. Find Bulletproof Cartridges —> HERE.

Brewed Chocolate. Need I say more?! Since high doses of caffeine in the morning don’t sit well with me, this brewed cocoa is the deep-flavored, coffee-esque drink I sip on in the mornings. It’s simply cocoa beans that are brewed just like coffee! Find Cocoa Manna —>HERE.

With a natural sweetness and  just the right amount of flavor, I find this licorice tea to be one of the most soothing drinks. It’s my go-to tea in the office or evenings! Find Licorice Tea —> HERE.

Treats for Enjoying with a Warm Beverage!

Paleo Grain-Free Bagels
mini bagels close up

Blueberry Breakfast Cookies
Blueberry Breakfast Cookies at PaleoParents

Paleo Monkey Bread (egg-free, nut-free)
AIP Monkey Bread

N’Oatmeal Cookies
N'Oatmeal Cookies by

Raspberries & Cream Breakfast Cake
autoimmune breakfast cake by urban poser

Here’s What People are Saying…

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