Inspired by our broke-down, fall-out fridge

When we bought this house as a foreclosure, we knew we were going to have to replace quite a few items.  Of those items were our stove, hood/microwave and dishwasher all needed replacing.  Along the way we’ve had to replace the garbage disposal, sink and faucet.  And now this month, our fridge died.

For the amount of food and bulk meat we buy (remember Uncle Andrew and his friend Bre live and eat with us, too) and meals we prepare for my grandfather, we already use two full refrigerators with freezers and an upright freezer.  Having the only upstairs device break down gave Matt quite a bit of cardio.  Running downstairs to the fridge every time you need to cook means a whole lot of “oops, I forgot the eggs” and “oh crap, I forgot the fresh ginger” and “WTF!  How could I forget the onion!”

But alas, after 3 weeks of manufacturer back-order, our glorious french door matching fridge finally arrived!  So, inspired by it’s lovely and clean appearance we thought it would be fun to do a “what’s in your Paleo fridge” post.  Here she is:

Our butter is from Athenry, our Pork Roast and sausage are from Springfield Butcher, our hot dogs are from Polyface and our salami is from Trader Joe’s.  Expect upcoming posts on the (leftover) stew, pork roast and steaks!

Our produce drawers are pretty modest right now, we try not to over-stock so that items don’t go bad: spinach, lettuce, tomatoes (scallop kabobs in our future!) and pre-boiled beets on the left.  BN squash, avocado, cauliflower, carrots, bell peppers.  I’m looking forward to whatever Matt intends to do with that cauliflower, he told me it’s a surprise!

We keep most of our fruit in a big bowl on the kitchen table for the boys to snack on, but the berries stay here.  They don’t last long. We also have an entire carton of pre-made hard boiled eggs (one is marked “HB”) we keep stocked for the boys to grab when they want.  In general, we try to make sure that food at their level is food we’d be happy to find them snacking on without permission.  They know their go-to choices are hard boiled eggs, salami, berries, carrots with guac and beef jerky.  Letting them make those choices and letting them pick out snacks themselves gives the kids a sense of empowerment. They’re loving the new fridge and how easy it is to access their goodies, and we’re loving how much more room we have!

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