ICYMI Monday August 15th: Beach Trip Recap and Highlights

I’ve been in a season of introspection lately. As I live life, I’m taking photos and videos to document it all, but then I feel like I want to keep them to myself– which is new for me! We recently went on a beach trip to OBX and had an incredible time as a family. Here’s our beach trip recap and highlights!

So Much Family Time!

I think my favorite part of this whole trip was how much time I spent with the people I love. I made a point to get work done ahead of time so I could unplug from responsibility and just be in the moment. And y’all, it was so worth it.

Life’s imperfections and tough parts we work through make everything that much better overall. I occasionally worry about my 14 year old’s communication skills as at times it seems like his vocabulary is nothing but grunts, but I got to see him come alive on poker night when he got 4 of a kind then helped his brother win repeatedly from “beginner’s luck.” Matt took the other kids out, so Cole and I played Mancala over and over until he was cackling about me not being able to beat him.

If you haven’t set aside time to be in the moment with the people in your life you care about, this is your sign. I’ll never regret taking time to spend with those that matter most!


I remember parasailing as a child and it being one of the wonderful things. To float over the water, to feel one with the Earth and Sky. To simply see a new perspective. I was so excited when we had a great (read: not too hot, not raining) morning where I could offer to take the kids. Only Wes and Finn wanted to go of our 4, but another family member and friend came, too. We were the only 5 on the boat and it was one of those days I’ll remember forever. I hope the kids do, too!

What to Wear on Vacation

Vacationing in a bigger body used to (and still does at times) cause me so much anxiety! It’s a journey I’ve been on for a long time and I still have a long way to go.

So what do you wear on vacation in a plus size body? Whatever you want! We are so much more than whatever we don’t like about our bodies, and it’s time we let go of letting other people influence how we feel about ourselves.

It’s so hard to want more for yourself and only see the worst part. But I promise you, the more you show up for yourself, the easier you find your way back to loving yourself.

Watch the whole vacation fit check here.

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