Humpday Paleo Push Through 2011May11

LOTS of good links being shared on the web this week; hope they get you through the rest of your week!

Paleo Digest posted Why Eat a Paleo Diet

Free the Animal posted More on Sugar and Cancer

Paleo Diet Lifestyle posted Fatty Meat, Potatoes, Dairy and Paleo 2.0

Hella Delicious posted their Grain Free Tuesday

Naturally Engineered wrote about The Coming Alzheimer’s Disease Epidemic
Did you know that Alzheimer’s is like diabetes of the brain?

Robb Wolf posted about The Illusion of Nutrient Dense Food

Although Dr. Weil Rethinks Saturated Fat his conclusion still leaves much to be desired

Nourished Kitchen gives 10 Reasons Not To Give Up Red Meat

Overcoming Bias discusses Strange Salt and discrepancies in studies
Personally, I notice an improvement in how I feel and perform with adding a small amount of sea salt into my food

FitSugar discusses a new study which shows People Without Celiac Benefit from Gluten-Free Diet

The Healthy Skeptic posts about a New Study that Blasts the Ridiculous Low-Fat Dietary Guidelines

And some old ones I uncovered and want to post…

Sean posted at UG Wellness a video of his radio show with Robb Wolf about whether gluten causes gallstones

Jo’s Health Corner posted Things That Mess with Hormones and What To Do About It

I Eat Mostly Meat posted on why probiotics are good for you and How to Make Sauerkraut


We’ve also added tons of links to the Recipes We’re Looking Forward to Trying

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