Eat For You: A Challenge

Alrighty, here are the details!

If you’d like to join the Eat for You challenge, please join the facebook group. We’ll have (at least) weekly updates and positive encouragement from your friendly competitors in a closed environment. You’ll ask to join and then put in your personal information and goals in the notes section no later than Thursday May 18th, the start of the competition, once “approved”.

The challenge will end on July 21st (9 weeks) – long enough for you to change your habits but not so long that the commitment seems unattainable.  It’s $20 to join (paypal preferred, see the group for details or e-mail us).  There will be two winners:

  1. Half of the prize pot goes to the person who loses the most weight
  2. The other half goes to the person the group votes achieved their goals

The challenge is just what it says. Eat for You. Decide what you want to do and try to achieve the results for becoming the best person you possibly can be.  Simply write up your goals (sleep more, exercise, eat better, remove just gluten, do a whole 30, whatever YOU want…) and then stick to it to win some cash!

If you can, attend our monthly Paleo Meat-Up group then feel free weigh, measure and kick-off the challenge there.  We’ll end the challenge with a potluck to celebrate everyone’s hard work on July 21st.

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