Cutting Back

Matt likes to call me Super Woman.  He’s goes on and on about how awesome I am and how much I am able to accomplish.  I say the same about him – lord knows I could never do what he does, let alone nearly as well.  We’re efficient, but we’re not super-human.  We’re just people, with real lives, responsibilities, a home to take care of and 3 boys who desire and deserve our attention.

So, it occurred to us that the mounting tension and stress in our lives, the lack of free-time for going to the gym, getting pedicures and spending quality time together was coming from the time we have been increasingly spending on this here site.

It’s easy to go from “let’s share our success and how-tos with the world so that other people can get healthy and happy like we did” to “gotta post daily to make people happy, gotta get more traffic, submit to more Rodeos, and spread this as wide and as loud as we possibly can!”  Looking back, it’s not the goal we ever set out to achieve.  Don’t get us wrong, we love that people are inspired by this blog and that is what makes it worth it.  But, we’re pretty sure you can be inspired without us spending every moment of free-time working on the blog.  We’ve only been focused on the site for a couple of months and already have traffic we didn’t realize we’d ever see – which is great – but it brought with it an obsession to keep seeing our percentages rise.

So, this is the part where I have to tell you – dear readers – that we’re going to be cutting back a bit.  We hope you stick around, in fact – we hope that you appreciate we practice what we preach and are going to get a bit more focused on the family.  No more Paleo Humpday Push Through posts (sorry, but believe it or not that takes at least 4 hours a week).  I highly suggest Angelo Copola’s site if you’re looking for a weekly summary of Paleo events.  No more daily blog posts.  When we write them, there will be less detailed photos for recipes (can you imagine how hard it is for Matt to cook, with 3 kids underfoot, and be his own photographer and recipe writer?  I can’t!).

You’ll see less formal, scheduled posts.  You might see more of us on Twitter and we’ll probably start making quickie posts from the Wordpress App on our phones so that we’re able to make some simple and fun posts.  We hope to get back to the type of blogging where it’s coming from a place of inspiration, rather than self-driven pressure and deadlines.

As usual, we’re hoping this post and our overall philosophy inspires you to get back to the thing you love the most and devote as much time to it as you can.  For us, that’s each other.

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