The BEST Paleo Chocolate Recipes and Treats!

There’s a whole lotta chocolate in this week’s newsletter!

Our Real Life

pork rinds and guacamole

New favorite snack combo: Epic Pork Rinds (we get them at OSPS) dipped in Wholly Guacamole. Salty crispy, crunchy, creamy… plus full of nutrients- you won’t even miss the corn chips, I promise!

Vital proteins singles latte

Oh that froth! The secret to creamy, velvety froth is Vital Proteins Collagen. If you’ve followed us for a while, you already know that I add collagen to every warm beverage I have- but these new single serving sticks are making it sooo much easier to use when I’m not at home. FYI: 10% off and free shipping with code: VPA-0626-97BR1-LYIQ at this link!

healthy inside and out mug

I am in love with my new mug (probably because I designed it, ha!). It really does represent something so important me, and what feels like one of the final pieces of my journey to better health. For a long time I’ve focused on putting only the healthiest things into my body, while still putting toxic chemicals on the outside of my body. Beautycounter products have given peace of mind about what I’m putting on my skin, while helping me to look and feel my best at the same time- I love feeling healthy on the inside and out!

You can purchase a mug (and support a small business at the same time) or get one for free when you place a $45 Beautycounter order with me through November 22. More details —> here!

seattle seafood

I’m in Seattle this weekend (I left the boys at home!) visiting my college bestie, and am having an incredible time! This meal was at Hama Hama Oyster Company, where we got to watch them shuck the super fresh oysters as we drank pear cider and ate all the nutrient-rich and incredibly delicious seafood!

This is my public service announcement: find the time and money to visit your friends and loved ones. Every time I do I wonder why I don’t more often!

Our Favorite Ways to Eat Chocolate!

Once upon a time, 6+ years ago when we started our Paleo journey- there were very few Paleo “convenience” foods, and even fewer healthier dessert options.

Boy has that changed! We love that companies are hearing our voice and making better, cleaner options for those of us that want to eat healthy foods but still have something that feels like a treat. Here are some of our favorites:

best Paleo chocolate, The BEST Paleo Chocolate Recipes and Treats! Real Everything

Simple Mills Chocolate Muffin and Cake Mix makes baking a special occasion cake or weekend muffins so easy- even our boys can use these mixes all by themselves!

Chocolate Power Balls are like a macaroons but loaded with extra nutrients in the form of collagen. These make a fantastic lunch box treat or afternoon pick-me-up with a warm beverage.

Cocoa Manna is one of my favorite coffee-alternatives. It is ground cocoa beans that you brew into a deep, rich, coffee-esque beverage. Cool weather and warm beverage season is here and I love it!

Equal Exchange Bittersweet Chocolate Chips are our favorite because they are super clean (dairy-free and soy-free) and very dark (so lower in sugar than some other brands!). Plus yummy- which is also an important factor!

Our Favorite Chocolate Recipes

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Peppermint-Hot-Chocolate-from-Real-Life-Paleo, The BEST Paleo Chocolate Recipes and Treats! Real Everything

Pumpkin Chocolate Chili
Pumpkin-Chocolate-Chili-for-Tailgating-for-Your-Couch, The BEST Paleo Chocolate Recipes and Treats! Real Everythingpg

Superfood Pudding (Chocolate Chia Pudding)
Superfood-Pudding, The BEST Paleo Chocolate Recipes and Treats! Real Everything

Dark Chocolate Salted Truffle Cookies
Dark-Chocolate-Salted-Truffle-Cookies, The BEST Paleo Chocolate Recipes and Treats! Real Everything

Creamy Chocolate Chip Macaroons
creamy-coconut-chocolate-chip-macaroons, The BEST Paleo Chocolate Recipes and Treats! Real Everything

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