All about Paleo Marshmallows + Our First Broken Bone

Marshmallows, ER trips, and other spring break happenings! Here’s a look at what you will find in this week’s newsletter:

finn cast and cake, All about Paleo Marshmallows + Our First Broken Bone | Paleo Parents

Finn (our middle child) gave himself quite the birthday present: a broken elbow! Womp womp. Well, OK they think it’s a hairline fracture but can’t actually see anything but inflammation on the x-ray.  And, before we get the “his bones would be stronger without Paleo” lectures, I can affirm to you that the Docs specifically said his bones look strong and healthy, even when I asked pointing out he hasn’t had diary (except treats) in nearly 6 years. Frankly, we were shocked it took 10 years before one of our three ‘rough and tumble’ boys broke something – nearly all their friends have them beat… maybe there is something to this wholefood nutrient dense approach?

sleepover, All about Paleo Marshmallows + Our First Broken Bone | Paleo Parents

Nothing can spoil his happy-go-lucky spirits, even being in the ER on his birthday. We’re just so proud of this super cool kid that we get to have in our lives, who turned 8 this week and celebrated with a cake from our FAVORITE gluten-free bakery, The Happy Tart. The night ended with the birthday boy’s request of a backyard camping sleepover with his buddies – an unforgettable birthday for the record books!

wes growing bigger, All about Paleo Marshmallows + Our First Broken Bone | Paleo Parents

Speaking of our boys… Wes (our youngest) has decided that what he wants more than anything in life is to be tall enough to ride the rides at “Harry Potter Land.” This week he asked for salad with strawberries for dessert “because healthy foods make you grow.” Spot on, buddy. His other favorite food is fish, which is of course encouraged in this house! That face of a Paleo Bagels from Yiddish Kitchen paired with smoked salmon says it all!

wes bagel love, All about Paleo Marshmallows + Our First Broken Bone | Paleo Parents

Seeing the boys make the connection between food and health means so much to us. They are doing at five years old, what took us 30 years to learn. This lifestyle is rewarding in so many ways, and moments like these remind us why we wrote Real Life Paleo and why we keep working to help others achieve their goals.

All About Gelatin

We talk about Collagen a lot, but today is all about Gelatin! Like collagen, it improves skin, hair and nails healthy and strong, and keeps your gut healthy and strong. Plus, it’s the secret ingredient to making MARSHMALLOWS!! And Dirt Pudding Cups with Gummy Worms and Peeps which we think will be the PERFECT TREATS for your EASTER festivities!

vital proteins gelatin, All about Paleo Marshmallows + Our First Broken Bone | Paleo Parents

The amino acids in gelatin (proline and glycine) also form the connective tissue in your body, so that means consuming gelatin is the prescription to:

  • tighten loose skin
  • improve cellulite
  • recover and strengthen joints
  • support skin, hair and nail growth
  • improve digestion
  • promote relaxation and a good night’s sleep
  • heal your gut

Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin is what we use for all of our gummy treat-making and pudding recipes. For a large list of how we like to use both the gelatin and collagen peptides, check out this post HERE!

Use the code VPA-0626-97BR1-LYIQ at checkout to receive 10% off your order, plus free shipping!!

If MARSHMALLOW-MAKING is in your near future, grab your Gelatin and check out some of our all time favorite fluffy, pillowy recipes:

Our Favorite Marshmallow Recipes

Ambrosia Salad
Ambrosia Salad by PaleoParents

Raspberry Marshmallows

Fruit Sweetened S’mores Jars
Smore photo 1

Rocky Road Blondies
Rocky Road Blondies by PaleoParents

Paleo Peeps
Paleo Peeps on Paleo Parents 3

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