Wildtree: A Review and my New Favorite Recipe

We met Courtney, a local Wildtree consultant, at our local farmer’s market.  I immediately noticed her clean and colorful stand, but started steering the boys away when I saw bread on the table for dipping.  Hoping to avoid sticky situations, avoidance is our No. 1 technique.  But Courntey welcomed us to her table and offered the boys samples.  The minute I said we were gluten-free, she won the boys over by announcing, “Oh no problem, I have carrots for my gluten-free friends!”


From there, the boys enjoyed sampling many of their grain-free, sugar-free and chemical free dips and dressings.  Now, I did have to check labels because some products contain soy, wheat or sweetners; but, for the most part we found quite a few high quality ingredients we enjoyed sampling.  The boys were so enthusiastic, Courtney let us take some samples home and we picked up a few items we really liked on our own.


Our recommended products are:



The Guacamole Seasoning was so great and versatile we went back for a 2nd jar while she had it in stock (on sale too!).  We’ve added it to leftover meat (our offal sauce and smoked pork worked really well), reheated and then wrapped it in lettuce for some seriously delicious tacos.  The flavor profile is made with bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, lemon, jalapeno, cumin, garlic, coriander, salt and pepper.  It’ll be great on a variety of foods, we’re super happy to have discovered it.



Our next favorite product solves the dilemma I’ve had since beginning my Paleo journey.  I love coconut oil; we use it in a lot of food items.  But it adds a coconut flavor and it’s solid at room temperature.  When cooking savory foods, (even though we love lard) sometimes we just really wish we had some butter.  However, dairy doesn’t make us feel good (even raw grass fed butter) so it’s been requiring some inventiveness.  However, this stuff is awesome!



We originally thought how great it’d be use the butter oil in baked-good-like food; but then Matt steamed turnips (have you had them? yum!  and, the greens are great too), and pureed them with lard and basil.


It was almost good enough to serve at Thanksgiving, so rich and creamy.  But his stroke of genius happened and he added the butter oil as a finisher at the end. O.M.G. Now the purree is like eating some seriously buttery mashed potatoes.  We like to serve it with pork (ribs, backbone and tenderloin) but it’s amazing anytime, anyday.  The boys gobble it up.


We ran out of the butter oil really quickly, so we ordered two of the mammoth size as part of a promotional special and plan to fill an oil sprayer with it and use it often.  It’s flavored with coconut, but pours like oil.  So happy to have found it!


And, our last favorite is their basil pesto oil.



Like the butter oil, it’s naturally enhanced with basil and the color reflects the infusion.  It too, like the butter oil, is a great finisher but we used it to replace the plain grapeseed oil in Elana’s book pie crust then added in sliced basil for a bacon, kale & black olive quiche.  It totally stepped up the flavor; the entire quiche was gone in one sitting.



I feel like when we use these products it genuinely takes our food to a new level and adds some complexity we haven’t really had access to since moving towards a simple, straight forward food approach.  I like that Wildtree uses expeller pressed grapeseed oil and is concerned with the quality of their products.  It’s high in Linoleic Acid and it’s a low saturated fat oil; so, consideration towards moderation is in order here, people.


I’m looking forward to continuing to visit Courtney at our local farmer’s market and exploring more Wildtree options.  If you want to get your hands on some yourself, let her know!


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