What Are We Using These Days? GIVEAWAY

From time to time, we like to update you on the stuff that we are ordering online. It all started years ago when we were tracking our own Amazon Subscribe & Save items through the blog. Then, as the blog grew we found that our recommendations were helpful for those of you trying to figure out what you might like conveniently delivered to your door.

You can still find our favorite Amazon items on the sidebar of the blog, but these are the latest and greatest things we’ve been enjoying; we hope that our recommendations help you out in some way! And of course, like Oprah, we’re giving away one of our Favorite Things to a random commenter (see the bottom of this post)!


Of late, we’ve been doing some frying from time to time. Remember our Curry Fish Sticks? Delicious, right? They started a love affair with deep fried foods in our house; we recently made fried chicken wings and apple fritters (delicious, by the way) with it too!

Since we’ve got a love affair with healthy fats (like coconut oil and lard or tallow) it seems an appropriate time of year for us to pull out the fryer and some root veggies. Want to put that fat to work for you? Get yourself an electric fryer!

Food Products

Guess what’s back in stock and better than ever? Our favorite coconut milk, Natural Value! This is the only product we know of that is both additive-free (guar gum) and BPA-free! Not only that, but it behaves just like you’d want. No hardened coconut oil layer on top, and plenty of scoopable cream. You will love it!

We’ve also discovered the joy and heavenly flavor of Red Boat fish sauce. “How do you use fish sauce?”, you may ask. Well, as Nom Nom Paleo says, it’s liquid umami in a bottle. Just add a teaspoon or two to any food to add just that perfect je ne sais quoi to you dish. Or, use it as a dipping sauce like we do with lettuce wraps!

Eat Like a Dinosaur uses fish sauce in quite a few recipes because we love the salty depth of flavor it adds; just search our site and you’ll find a ton of uses!

And how about our friends at LoveBean? They make this delicious chocolate coconut spread that you will love! Looking for a replacement for nutella? Looking for a pancake topping? Something to add to your coffee or dip your apple slices in? Here you are!

We’ve mentioned before that in Practical Paleo we learned about the health benefits of eating butter; specifically some important nutrients. However, as a casein-free family, our only option is clarified butter – also known as ghee.

When we went to Boston in August, we fell in love with the Pure Indian Foods flavored ghees after trying them at AHS. They’re pretty terrific and we use them to spice up our veggies or even to start our curries. Try their original or go to their site for the flavors. We especially recommend the garlic flavor, which tastes a lot like Papa John’s garlic dipping sauce!

Beauty Products

For TONS of recommendations on beauty and hygiene products, listen to Episode 10 of The Paleo View and read the show notes!

For a long time Stacy has talked about Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil and how it’s really helped her digestion and complexion. You know what’s been even better for her skin? Green Pastures Beauty Balm! It’s helped give her a natural healthy glow I find hard to resist… despite the slightly odd aroma.

If you haven’t heard yet, Stacy loves her deodorant, Lavanila Vanilla Passionfruit solid stick. For those that don’t feel quite satisfied with baking soda and coconut oil or salt spray, there is an alternative! Stacy has gone to all kinds of business meetings wearing this and felt confident that she was not smelling like a hippy!

Based on the recommendations of Hayley Mason of The Food Lovers’ Kitchen, Stacy has also ordered some products from Jane Iredale. Jane Iredale produces some of the most natural and unirritating make up you can buy!


First of all, go pre-order Gather and Modern Cave Girl by some of our favorite people in paleo!

We also reviewed Paleo Indulgences by Tammy Credicott. What better way to kick off your holiday season than by read about how to cook some celebratory treats? There’s also restaurant recreations that we found to be spot-on!

If you’re the type of person who wants to eat some man food, check out the new ebook from George Bryant and Abel James, Caveman Feast. It’s full of terrific food that’s truly outstanding.

Finally, if you’re suffering from PCOS, our friend Stefani Ruper has written an informative and restorative book call PCOS Unlocked that we know will help you out!

Stefani will actually be guest posting tomorrow, and if you listened to Stacy on her podcast, Live. Love. Eat.,  or Stefani on Episode 6 of The Paleo View you can expect nothing but the best from her brilliant mind!


So, all that said, we’re going to give one of these away to a lucky winner. Simply comment what item you’d like to win and we’ll trust you’ve done right by the vendor to “like” or patron their site(s). Random winner will be chosen one week from today, on Tuesday October 30th!

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