Weekend Wrap Up, 12/14

Hello! We’ve been loving our low-key, family-focused time with the boys these past couple weekend. Last weekend we spent time at a local art fair, and also happened up on a Hunt & Hounds parade – it was quite the adventure!

And there might have even been gluten-free gingerbread-house making that took place. It isn’t paleo, but it is gluten-fee… because #wearehuman. We know you understand.

instagram hunt hounds parade paleo parents

Instagram gluten free ginger bread house paleo parents













Oh you guys – Stacy discovered something new this week… it’s dangerous-  you sure want to know? I can’t believe we hadn’t tried this before: Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha flavor coffee WITH Pure Indian Foods Coffee Ghee. Seriously. So. Good. No, seriously.

And you just know its going to be a good week when you get to stop at one of your favorite places; my happy place. A butcher shop of course. But not just any shop, Red Apron Butcher Shop! And I never leave there without BACON. BROTH, LARD and TALLOW FRIES. I refuse.

instagram chameleon cold brew pure indian foods coffee ghee

instagram red apron butcher shop bacon tallow fries broth

Speaking of bacon… (who me, speaking of bacon?) we had a nice conversation on Facebook the other day about gallbladders. People are often surprised how I’m able to eat so much (good, healthy) fat (see our recent post on LOVING LARD) without one. Here’s the details of how I do it without a gallbladder!

If you’re not following us on Facebook and Instagram, you’re missing some pretty hilarious conversation (not to mention weekly giveaways)! Matt reminded us all of this epic (funny and serious) blog post about getting your NON-COOPERATIVE spouse on board with healthier eating.


We also got to do something exciting this week! We put together a CUSTOM MEAT BOX where you can buy our favorite cuts (and try out our recommended recipes for them) from Bos Creek, a sustainable and humane farm that delivers meat to your door. A BOX-O-MEAT makes a pretty awesome holiday gift!

Another big event this week was the family getting back into our home gym, #houseofgainz. We’ve been so busy lately that we had to prioritize sleep and getting some other things done for a few weeks, but we’re finally back at it and love spending quality time together while getting healthy at the same time! The boys love creating “set lists” of their favorite songs for our sessions and replicating mommy’s workout. Interestingly, unlike mommy, they’ve developed a love of bench pressing and are super good at strict HSPUs! #totesadorbs

Instagram house of gains paleo parentsOn Friday we started the weekend a bit early at the American Open, where incredibly talented athletes competed in the sport of lifting heavy things with amazing form. Stacy went with team member and friend Courtney to cheer on an old coach, Adam who did fantastic! Then Stacy had friends over that evening to workout at House of Gainz in the evening, where tire flipping, yoke running, and pressing (strict press, bench, and log) was a not-so-gentle re-entrance to serious training again! There was much epic food consumption after – including home made stew (because #bonebrothheals) and Rickaroons. Audible moans from the strong people.Instagram making snowman cookies pinterest fail paleo parentsInstagram lunch predominately paleo paleo parentsInstagram arlington cemetery wreaths paleo parents

Saturday was quite a busy day. Stacy and the boys headed downtown to lay wreaths at Arlington National Cemetary as part of Wreaths Across America. Then we went to the National Tree with Predominantly Paleo and family. And after all that, we enjoyed a massive brunch before heading home to prepare for today’s big event. A Paleo cookie swap! We may end up with a major Pinterest fail but we’re attempting some cute snowman cookies and will share more about how that goes later this coming week!

Congrats to our friends!

Have we ever mentioned that we have the MOST TALENTED FRIENDS?! Danielle from Against All Grain released Joyful, a holiday ebook, Brittany Angell’s much anticipated Every Last Crumb debuted this past week, as did The Frugal Paleo Cookbook by Ciarra Hanna. Three beautiful books with beautiful photos, from three beautiful gals.
Two words: holiday baking.

Keep in mind, our friend The Paleo Mom talks about emulsifiers in this incredibly well articulated and researched article, so be thoughtful about your use of gums in grain-free baking.


One of things our family decided when we discussed (in a family meeting, all 5 of us) that we were going to do going forward was work on projects that still helped people but that wouldn’t take too much time away from the family. That’s why earlier this year the Paleo Parents Team helped us pull together an INCREDIBLE bundle of resources from the top EXPERTS around the real food and paleo communities for you going into the new year: The Family Resolution Revolution. We’ve compiled the ABSOLUTE BEST resources you will need to revolutionize your family’s health in 2015. It’s one of those dream projects of ours, putting together a list of all the things we wish we’d had when we took on the challenge of reclaiming our family’s health.  We are SO excited to share this with you DECEMBER 26th!

The family resolution revolution its coming

Where to find our new book!

Real Life Paleo, Paleo Parents Third Cookbook

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Upcoming Events!

The Paleo View Book Signing Tour 
We love hearing your stories and seeing your smiling faces! Meeting the people who are cooking our recipes and transforming their health is our great joy! Please RSVP to the FREE book tour events so we can ensure enough seats and books for everyone!

1/2/15     Nashville, TN

1/3/15     Minneapolis, MN (rescheduled from Nov 2014)

1/4/15    TBD (looks promising – details to follow shortly!)

Please let us know if there are any great gluten-free/paleo-friendly restaurants in the cities we will be going to and don’t forget to tag #TPVBookTour and #RealLifePaleo when you share photos of events!!

Stacy will also be attending Paleo FX in both Austin, TX and Denver, CO in 2015!

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