Weekend Wrap-Up, 9/6

Every Saturday we bring you a blog rendition of some of our favorite things going on this week in our own world and in the paleo world at large in a Weekend Wrap-Up. Every week we will feature our favorite paleo recipes from our archives and from other paleo bloggers that are  on our minds lately, as well as a few coupons for products we personally love, and some suggested reading for things we found interesting this week. Let’s do this thing!

To the Lake!

As a final hurrah before the kids head back to school this week, we took off to Smith Mountain Lake for the long weekend. So for those outside the state, here’s a little primer: SML is a large man-made hydroelectric reservoir in south central Virginia that is the most popular recreational lake in our state. Also, Stacy visited dozens of times when she was growing up.

To understand the sentiment here and how important this trip was for us, you have to understand Stacy’s dad. He’s a true man’s man. Any masculine pursuit you can think of, he’s doing it right now. This includes his prize possession, a Talon 25 Powerboatcapable of exceeding 100 mph. Stacy and her dad were constantly boating on this muscle machine as she was growing up. And this was our first opportunity to share that experience with our kids. So we got to do the classic lake activities as a family!

Boys Feeding Fish at the Lake

Feeding the carp popcorn! #notpaleo

Lake Activities

Swimming, Jumping, and Paddling, too! Yes, Cole and Finn can kayak!

Tubing on the Lake

Boating and Tube-riding!

But while this was in fact Labor Day, we did not get the chance to truly take a day off from work. Because each night we worked to finish up our next big project, Paleo To Go! When we returned from the lake we were able to launch it all for you to have (if you want it)!


So you want to know how to pack lunches or take food on the road? This is the book for you! And if you jump on it now, you’ll get it for 35% off!

Our Favorite Paleo Parents Archive Recipe of the Week:

Salted Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Dark Chocolate Salted Truffle Cookies by PaleoParents

I really love this recipe… I think about it often. I’m kind of a sucker for salty-sweet desserts, and if you haven’t tried chocolate and salt together, well, you are just missing out. Now I realize that there are those out there that are paleo-purists and never eat desserts…. but I am not one of those people. I’m real, and sometimes, I need a good cookie, but I know that if I go too long without a treat, I might cave in a moment of weakness and buy a store bought gluten-free cookie that probably has some ingredients that aren’t that great. So I believe in Paleo baking, and I fully stand behind that. These aren’t an everyday recipe, but they are great once in a while for the soul. And thankfully, I can have just a couple of these cookies and be satisfied! The rest I share with my family and co-workers or friends. Because good cookies are meant to be shared! 

The Best New Recipes in Paleo of the Week:

Just a few short years ago, paleo recipes were hard to find, but now there is such an abundance of great, real-food blogs. We hope you enjoy them!

best recipes of the week10


To see all these recipes, click on the links below:

Natural Colored Frosting by The Spunky Coconut
Soft-Boiled Scotch Eggs by The Domestic Man
Chicken Shawarma with Tahini Sauce by Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers 
Zucchini Noodles with Fig, Arugula and Pancetta by Tasty Yummies
Spinach and Apple Noodle Salad with Pecans and Cranberries by Inspiralized
Salted Caramel Apple Tartlets by Slim Palate

Want more recipes from us?

check out our books

Coupons and Special Deals!


When we find deals on things we love and use anyway, we like to take advantage. So of course we pass on these great deals to you when we find them! Every week we’ll highlight some products we think you’ll find useful, interesting, or just plain awesome! Remember, you can always see what we recommend on our sidebar! We REALLY appreciate you shopping though the links on our blog or newsletter, as it supports the costs of running the blog without resorting to advertisers of things we can’t control.


This week our eBook is on Sale to celebrate the launch! You can get 35% off only through next Tuesday!  Want to get both of our ebooks at once? Bundle them together and save 25% ! 

one stop paleo shop cupon

The cool cavepeople at OneStopPaleoShop.com gave us an exclusive coupon discount for 15% off your next order on their site with coupon code: PALEOPARENTS . You can check out all their Paleo-friendly products here. 

Pete's Paleo New Meal Lines

 Pete’s Paleo Meal Service now has a line of 21 Day Sugar Detox approved meals, Wahls Paleo Meals AND a Gut Healing KIT! How awesome is that? You can also get 5% off total order with our discount code: thepaleoview .


new sox box

Need some workout socks and want to support soldiers? Stacy’s favorite brand from thesoxbox.com gave us the discount code for 5% off your order with code: “stronglikestacy”(plus 20% goes to wounded veterans!). 

Recommended Reading

Paleo To Go! eBook


We are so excited about our growing eBook collection! We have more planned for the future, but our latest eBook has been in the works for quite some time. So often we get questions about what on earth a Paleo is to do about lunch without a trusty sandwich?! There are so many options, and we compiled this eBook to show you how it is done! You will love the helpful guides that get your kids involved in the process and teach them (and you!) how to build a healthy, balanced lunch. 


Recommended Products

bigger coupon page

Note: These are not coupons you can print out and use in a store. The coupon codes are included within the EBook when you purchase Paleo to Go, and can be used ONLINE ONLY at the linked sites. 

This week we wanted to feature some special vendors that helped add to the value of Paleo to Go! eBook. We featured them as they are some of our favorite products, and they also helped us add to the value of the book by giving us some exclusive coupons for those who purchase Paleo to Go. 

We included Caveman Cookies because they are the makers of some truly awesome shelf stable (!) Paleo Cookies that we send with our boys to school for them to have when a friend brings in Birthday treats that they can’t have. They love them!

If you haven’t tried an EPIC Grass Fed Protein Bar, you are missing out! Our favorite flavor is the Bison Bacon Cranberry, which is completely AIP friendly!

Abe’s Market is an awesome online store that has natural, organic, and eco-friendly products for the mindful shopper. Their Gluten-free and Paleo section is pretty large, and it is really easy to read all the ingredients and about the companies right on the shopping page. We actually also got lunchboxes and containers and cool cups from them, too!

One Stop Paleo Shop is another awesome online store, with exclusively Paleo products! My boys love it when I give them a dollar amount they can spend and then they get to choose how to spend it!

Stacy tried Mission Heirloom Yucan CRUNCH Chips while in California, and was hooked! AIP friendly too!


Upcoming Events!

russ leaving

As much as we are in denial, Russ and family from The Domestic Man are relocating with the Navy to Florida in early October *sad face*. So, what better way to say farwell than with a giant potluck?!

RULE: YOU MUST BRING A DISH FROM THEDOMESTICMAN.COM or HIS BOOK THE ANCESTRAL TABLE (or else bring something to drink) If you make a dish with rice or dairy (even butter) please label it as such for those of us with food intolerances. Labeling nightshades (peppers, spicy herbs, tomatoes, eggplant, and white potato) as well as nuts is super helpful too! Best yet, label the dish with the name and ingredients (if you’re an overachiever). 
BONUS! Mickey Trescott from AutoimmunePaleo.com will also be in town – so you’ll have AT LEAST 3 bloggers with cookbooks in attendance. Feel free to bring your books to get signed! Don’t stress out about cooking for us, we’ll likely be the ones to screw something up 😉

Look forward to seeing you all and wishing Russ and family a fond farewell (or perhaps we’ll duct tape them here so they can’t leave). Make sure you RSVP to the party HERE. 

Joint Book Signings with Stacy and Sarah THIS WEEKEND!

Road Trip Weekend

Stacy and Sarah will be in West Chester, PA at Chester County Book Company Inc. on Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (PDT)! You can get tickets here. Then on SUNDAY, Stacy and Sarah will be at CrossFit Burke in the DC Metro Area for a Paleo Potluck, Book Signing, FREE Group WOD and a Q & A session. You can come for all or any of the event, and it is kid friendly so bring your whole crew! You can see all the details and RSVP here on our Meet Up Group.

Instagram ♥

There’s also been a lot going on over on Instagram, go check it out so you don’t miss out! You can catch glimpses of our every day life, with plenty of heavy lifting, our boys being #totesadorbs and all the delicious things that Matt cooks for our family!

ig grid


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