Weekend Wrap-Up, 7/12

Every Saturday we bring you a blog rendition of some of our favorite things going on this week in our own world and in the paleo world at large in a Weekend Wrap-Up. Every week we will feature our favorite paleo recipes from our archives and from other paleo bloggers that are  on our minds lately, as well as a few coupons for products we personally love, and some suggested reading for things we found interesting this week. Let’s do this thing!

Celebrating the 4th of July with Strength!

To celebrate Independence Day, we took the family on a little road trip down to Virginia Beach! We left at 5:00 am on Thursday morning with three very tired children and headed to Stacy’s hometown to stay at her mom’s house.

kids in car

Why did we go down there? To cheer on the NoVa Strongman team at the Brute Star Spangled Strongman annual competition.

Brute is an awesome gym full of equipment of all sorts and it was really exciting for Stacy to go workout there for three days straight. She hit some personal bests, including this great 18″ deadlift for 5 at 335 pounds and flipping the 625lb tire she flipped once only a couple months ago in less than half the time, 3 times in a row!

stacy at brute strength

But after the competition (congratulations Vivian and Nikki!), we go to spend lots of time together as a family including eating some delicious local handmade ice cream, watching fireworks, visiting the beach, and cooking food together.

 finn with sundae

And we ended it all with a fun time playing mini-golf together and taking silly selfies!

family selfie

Now this is how you kick off your summer!

 Our Favorite Paleo Parents Archive Recipe of the Week:

Paleo Mocha Frappo

I don’t know about you, but I used to be addicted to those trademarked frozen blended drinks from a certain popular coffee house chain. I used to guzzle the largest size during the summer time especially. We made this recipe up for our paleo, healthy version quite a few years ago, and if you make it with a green banana, it happens to be21 Day Sugar Detox Compliant! PS – We will have an updated version in our upcoming book, Real Life Paleo, along with a similar recipe for a Salted Caramel Frappo! !


The Best New Recipes in Paleo of the Week:

Just a few short years ago, paleo recipes were hard to find, but now there is such an abundance of great, real-food blogs. We hope you enjoy them!

best recipes of the week 2


Citrus-Glazed Chicken Tenders by Paleo Cupboard
Samoa Cupcakes by Hold the Grain
Infused Waters to Keep You Hydrated this Summer by Tasty Yummies
Yuzu Braised Pulled Pork with Coriander by Slim Palate
Baked Avocado Fries by Stupid Easy Paleo
Russ’s Homemade Grapefruit Kombucha by The Domestic Man

Coupons and Special Deals!

When we find deals on things we love and use anyway, we like to take advantage. So of course we pass on these great deals to you when we find them! Every week we’ll highlight some products we think you’ll find useful, interesting, or just plain awesome! Remember, you can always see what we recommend on our sidebar! We REALLY appreciate you shopping though the links on our blog or newsletter, as it supports the costs of running the blog without resorting to advertisers of things we can’t control.

tropical traditions weekend coupon

Our favorite place to get coconut oil is from Tropical Traditions. It is the highest quality coconut oil you can buy, and every once in a while they have some great sales like this that make purchasing in bulk the best idea ever! 50% OFF Five Gallon Buckets and Free Shipping with code 11147 ? Yeah that’s an awesome deal! They have lots of other things on sale this weekend, so make sure you check out their site using our affiliate link. 

abes market berry

 Abe’s Market is having some awesome sales this week PLUS they are offering $10 OFF orders of $40 or more through July 13th with code: BERRY . Abe’s has all sorts of yummy paleo snacks, like kale chips, paleo treats, nude bars, cashew butter, bulk organic spices, grassfed beef jerky, Caveman Cookies (our favorite), plus lots of other gods for your home and for personal and baby healthcare. They also have lots of high quality gluten free products if your family isn’t fully paleo, but still looking for great gluten free options. They sell cloth diapers, organic feminine products, organic and gluten free toiletries, reusable snack bags for packing kid’s lunches, and a TON more. I could spend hours browsing on their site, and what I love is that all the ingredients of a product and the background on the company who makes it is listed for everyone to see. You can even enter “paleo” in their search tool and find new snacks and products that way! Happy Shopping! 

exo bars on paleoparents


We have really been digging the new cricket based protein bars from EXO! Cricket is a highly nutritious and sustainable source of protein, and you would never know you are eating crickets! I know what you all are thinking…cricket flour? But seriously these things are THE BOMB you wouldn’t even know it was crickets! We love the Cacao Nut Flavor Protein Bars the best, and we are super excited that they have decided to sponsor Stacy and her fellow Strongman Competitors at NOVA’s Strength and Conditioning Summer Showdown on August 23rd! You can shop for all of their products at our affiliate store here.

petes paleo coupon

 So most of the time, if you want a completely paleo meal, with seasonal produce and humainly sourced pastured and grassfed meats, with the right balance of nutrients, you have to cook it yourself at home. And shop for all the ingredients. And clean up all the dishes…. Sometimes it can just be too much. For those times that you just need a break, we highly suggest you check out PetesPaleo.com . Pete Servold is the classically trained chef behind this meal order service, and he does all the hard work for you. You can completely trust that your meals are prepared up to your standards, from farm fresh, seasonal ingredients and in addition, they are delivered to your door. All you have to do is heat them up. They even come in larger sizes for athletes. This meal service is perfect for busy weeks or hectic times in life, like after the birth of a baby! Each week you can see the menu online, and you can even add on snacks and supplements if you want. You can also get 5% off total order with the code ‘thepaleoview’ using our affiliate link here: http://bit.ly/eatpetespaleo

sox box coupon

You might have noticed that Stacy loves to wear High Knee Sock while she is training for StrongWoman. They protect her shins, and they are also fun because of all the cool things you can say with just your socks! Stacy loves the fun socks from thesoxbox.com and she snagged you this discount code for 5% off your order with code: “stronglikestacy” (plus 20% goes to wounded veterans!).


Recommended Reading

Paleo Grilling – A Modern Caveman’s Guide to Cooking with Fire by Tony Federico

paleo grilling


This brand new book by Tony Federico has come out at the PERFECT time of year for backyard barbecues and grilling! What is more carnal or paleo than meat cooking over fire? In Tony’s own words,
“Charred, blackened, and cooked, the morsel was brought to the mouth and chewed, contemplated, and swallowed with relish. There was no sauce or seasoning and no consideration for aesthetics or art. Yet the combination of meat and fire yielded something revolutionary. Cooked meat made man happy.”

-Tony Federico, from “Paleo Grilling – A Modern Caveman’s Guide to Cooking with Fire

Look for our full review of the book next week on the blog!

Recommended Product of the Week

KitchCo® High Quality Silicone Ice Pop Popsicle Molds – BPA Free 

go gurt thingys

Do your kids ever beg you to buy them “what all the other kids have” in their lunch box? Sometimes ours do too. They used to ask us constantly for those sugary, food coloring filled Go-Gurt-Thingys, but they are just too terrible to even consider as a treat for them now. But I recently found these on Amazon so we can make our own! You can use them as popsicle molds or smoothie/coconut yogurt holders, and they are dishwasher safe!

Upcoming Events!

Strongman Intro Class Event

Join Stacy for a FREE and open to the public strongman workshop – all levels of fitness welcome, it is very scalable!


Stacy will be speaking twice at this year’s Ancestral Health Symposium:
August 8, 2014, 11:25 am – Ancestral Health for Women in the Modern World: the HPA Axis Meets the HPT and the HPG Axes (or why we recommend women eat carbs) with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom & with Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo on August 8, 2014, 3:15 pm – Specific Requirements and Health Benefits of Strength Training for Women

You can register for the Symposium here: http://www.ancestralhealth.org/registration

Instagram ♥

There’s also been a lot going on over on Instagram, go check it out so you don’t miss out! You can catch glimpses of our every day life, with plenty of heavy lifting, our boys being #totesadorbs and all the delicious things that Matt cooks for our family!

ig grid2

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