Weekend Wrap-Up, 6/21

Every Saturday we bring you a blog rendition of some of our favorite things going on this week in our own world and in the paleo world at large in a Weekend Wrap-Up. Every week we will feature our favorite paleo recipes from our archives and from other paleo bloggers that are  on our minds lately, as well as a few coupons for products we personally love, and some suggested reading for things we found interesting this week. Let’s do this thing!

Off to Hold Hands and Ride Coasters!

 roller coster

This was the first time Stacy rode a roller coaster in nearly a decade, because as an obese woman she couldn’t fit in the seats. On one of our early dates we went to an amusement park and Stacy tried to ride the coaster and couldn’t buckle the seat. It was one of the most humiliating moments of her life. After that we didn’t get to do one of our favorite things for years. Today we took our annual trip to the amusement park and got to hold hands upside down. We get to remember just how special it is after not being able to do so for years. Often times things get lost or confused in the busy chaos of our lives and we forget what brought us to running this blog to begin with. This annual special date of ours is not only one of our favorite dates because of the quality time we get together, but it’s also very grounding in what’s actually important.


And, as usual, we had a blast roaring down the tracks and spending our time together. After 12 years, it’s easy to get into a routine and take your partner for granted. It’s spending time together like this that makes us realize how much we mean to each other, how much we’ve grown together, and how exciting our future will be. If you want more information on what we did in the park, including what we ate, check it all out on Instagram here!

Our Favorite Paleo Parents Archive Recipe of the Week:

Matt’s 50/50 Bacon Burgers or Birds Nest Burgers

The inspiration for this takes a little explanation. Back in the day I used to read Aaron Cameron’s music reviews and recently was really happy to find his blog. Now I like Aaron because he’s funny and he’s a dad to boy a little older than Cole and works in government contracts like Stacy, but Aaron doesn’t eat like me. In fact, he’s somewhat known for his fast food reviews. Recently he went to and reviewed a restaurant called Slater’s 50/50, known for burgers that are half ground beef and half ground bacon!

I don’t know about you, but that sounded fantastic and something I must try to do. So I whipped out my slab of bacon and my meat grinder and got to grinding. Now, years later, this recipe is infamous in the paleo communities as being a must-try (especially during grilling season)!


The Best New Recipes in Paleo of the Week:

Just a few short years ago, paleo recipes were hard to find, but now there is such an abundance of great, real-food blogs. This week there were just too many good new recipes to just choose a few, so we chose our favorite SWEET recipes and also our favorite SAVORY recipes. We hope you enjoy them!

sweet recipes of the week 1

Best New Sweet Recipes of the Week:

Panna Cotta with Strawberry Balsamic Compote by Nom Nom Paleo 
Flourless Chocolate Torte With Pumpking Seeds by Slim Palate
My Spin on Jeni’s “the Buckeye State” Ice Cream by Taylor Made It Paleo
Cantaloupe Mint Sorbet (Gluten-free and Vegan) by Tasty Yummies
Salted Caramel Brownie Ice Cream Bars by South Beach Primal

savory recipes of the week 1

Best New Savory Recipes of the Week:

Ham and Pea Soup by The Domestic Man
Plantain Chips with Chorizo, Guacamole and Pickled Jalapeños by Everyday Maven
Spicy Pickled Brussels Sprouts by Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers 
How To Tutorial Tuesday by Tasty Yummies on paleoparents.com with Cultured “Cream Cheese”
Lemon-Dill Zucchini Pasta with Shrimp and Capers by Inspiralized

Coupons and Special Deals!

coupon collage 3b

When we find deals on things we love and use anyway, we like to take advantage. So of course we pass on these great deals to you when we find them! Every week we’ll highlight some products we think you’ll find useful, interesting, or just plain awesome! Remember, you can always see what we recommend on our sidebar! We REALLY appreciate you shopping though the links on our blog or newsletter, as it supports the costs of running the blog without resorting to advertisers of things we can’t control.

us wellness meats coupon slim

US Wellness Meats is pretty awesome… I mean, where else can you order Grass Fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Pastured Poultry, Grass Fed Bison, Grass Fed Lamb, Wild Caught Seafood in one place and have it shipped straight to your door (for a flat handling cost that is under $10)? The other awesome thing about them is that every few weeks they send out a new discount code for 15% OFF orders of 40 pounds or less. This week, the code is “slim” so make sure you stock up on all your summer grilling favorites, pastured pork rinds, pastured pork LARD, and even stock! Everything comes shipped to you frozen and is of the highest quality! You can shop our affiliate store here: http://bit.ly/uswmeats

Spreadshirt collage free shipping

Today is the last day to take advantage of FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on our Paleo Parents themed Tshirts from Spreadshirt! Use code: tday2014 at checkout!



Each Third Bear Candle is hand-poured into reusable glass jars, using sustainable 100% soy wax (because we’re certainly not going to eat that soy!), phthalate-free fragrance oils, and all natural wood wicks. If you want a discount and to support Wounded Warrior Project while experiencing the joys of clean-burning, nostril-pleasing candles (the definition of win-win-win), just click this link and enter the promo code ‘PALEOFREEDOM’ at checkout.


cappellos coupon

 We are pretty big fans of Cappello’s Grain Free and Gluten Free Pasta, and also their Primal Palate paleo cookie dough! They don’t often run specials, but right now they are offering 10% off with discount code ‘Primal Papa’


We recently tried eXo protein bars, made from cricket flour, and though we were skeptical at first, they are really REALLY yummy (honestly, we like these better than LaraBars)!!! All over the world, people eat insects as a source of highly nutrient dense protein – yep, it’s true. Especially those avoiding egg whites or dairy, they make a great PWO snack! We snagged you this exclusive coupon for 10% off your order with code: PALEOPARENTS10


sox box coupon

You might have noticed that Stacy loves to wear High Knee Sock while she is training for StrongWoman. They protect her shins, and they are also fun because of all the cool things you can say with just your socks! Stacy loves the fun socks from thesoxbox.com and she snagged you this discount code for 5% off your order with code: “stronglikestacy” (plus 20% goes to wounded veterans!).


Recommended Reading

Food intolerance symptoms InfoGraphic by The Real Food Guide

symptoms-foodintoleranceClick image to see it larger

We are big fans of The Real Food Guide and this is one of her amazing infographics that really clearly shows how different food intolerance symptoms manifest themselves in your body. We think you will dig not only this particular post, but also the rest of her highly informative and well designed site.

Recommended Product of the Week

San J Organic Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce Travel Packs


While it may not be for everyone, our personal Paleo Template includes white rice on occasion, especially after a work out. Our bodies seem to tolerate it very well, and we aren’t alone. There are lots of “paleo peeps,” like our friend Russ, of The Domestic Man, who advocate including white rice in their diets. Our favorite is sushi, and when we go out for sushi, we bring along some of our own Organic, Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce in these convenient single serving travel packs. Although they still contain soy, we find fermented soy to not affect our systems, and it’s much easier to tote around in your purse for when the sushi cravings hit!

Upcoming Events!

Strongman Intro Class Event

Join Stacy for a FREE and open to the public strongman workshop – all levels of fitness welcome, it is very scalable!


Stacy will be speaking twice at this year’s Ancestral Health Symposium:
August 8, 2014, 11:25 am – Ancestral Health for Women in the Modern World: the HPA Axis Meets the HPT and the HPG Axes (or why we recommend women eat carbs) with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom & with Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo on August 8, 2014, 3:15 pm – Specific Requirements and Health Benefits of Strength Training for Women

You can register for the Symposium here: http://www.ancestralhealth.org/registration

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There’s also been a lot going on over on Instagram, go check it out so you don’t miss out! You can catch glimpses of our every day life, with plenty of heavy lifting, our boys being #totesadorbs and all the delicious things that Matt cooks for our family!


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