Weekend Wrap-Up, 5/17

Last week, we decided to put some of our newsletter content into a longer blog post to see if you guys liked that format better. Thanks to those of you who left the positive comments, we decided to make it a weekly thing! Basically, every Saturday we will be bringing you a blog rendition of some of our favorite things going on this week in our own world and in the paleo world at large in a Weekend Wrap-Up. Every week we will feature our favorite paleo recipes from our archives and from other paleo bloggers that are  on our minds lately, as well as a few coupons for products we personally love, and some suggested reading for things we found interesting this week. So let’s get started!

Our Favorite Paleo Parents Archive Recipe of the Week:

This may come as a shock to you, but the recipes we post usually become staples in our house. This is especially true of the seasonal dishes that we make, like the one below.

Nut-Free, Grain Free Fruit Cobbler


When good fruit is in season, we make this recipe ALL THE TIME! Chocolate is great and all, but fruit desserts have a special place in our hearts. We especially love to go to “pick your own” farms with our boys and spend the day soaking up the Vitamin D, while the kids pick fresh, local fruit. We come home, and immediately make this cobbler. Berry season is just starting, and we can’t wait for all the yummy strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, and peaches that are right around the corner. What’s even better? They boys gave Stacy an ISI Whipped Cream Maker (affiliate) so that we can turn grass-fed heavy cream or coconut cream into the perfect, junk-free whipped topping for all the cobblers to come this summer! This recipe is super flexible, and you can change the fruit to just about anything, and use either fresh or frozen.

The Best New Recipes in Paleo of the Week:

Just a few short years ago, paleo recipes were hard to find, but now there is such an abundance of great, real-food blogs. Here are a few new recipes that caught our eye this week:

runner up collage 4

How to Make Cauliflower Rice by Tasty Yummies
Paleo Chocolate Pudding Pie by Everyday Maven
Whipped Coconut Cream Plantain Cups with Mango and Avocado by Inspiralized
Coffee Chipotle Pork Chops by Slim Palate
Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad from The Paleo Kitchen
Passion Fruit Panna Cotta by Stupid Easy Paleo

Coupons and Special Deals!

When we find deals on things we love and use anyway, we like to take advantage. So of course we pass on these great deals to you when we find them! Every week we’ll highlight some products we think you’ll find useful, interesting, or just plain awesome! Remember, you can always see what we recommend on our sidebar! We REALLY appreciate you shopping though the links on our blog or newsletter, as it supports the costs of running the blog without resorting to advertisers of things we can’t control.

sox box coupon

You might have noticed that Stacy loves to wear High Knee Sock while she is training for StrongWoman. They protect her shins, and they are also fun because of all the cool things you can say with just your socks! Stacy loves the fun socks from thesoxbox.com and she snagged you this discount code for 5% off your order with code: “stronglikestacy” (plus 20% goes to wounded veterans!).

ghee coupon

Long have we advocated the use of ghee as a cooking fat. By far the best ghee on the market is the grass-fed ghee from Pure Indian Foods! If you’re looking to give ghee a try and you’d like to get $5 off on your order of $25 or more, use code ‘PALEOPARENTS’ at checkout!


petes paleo coupon

 We were so happy to have Pete and Sarah from Pete’s Paleo on the Paleo View this week! If you’re looking for gourmet, prepared, paleo meals, look no further than Pete’s Paleo. And they have nationwide shipping! If you input thepaleoview at checkout you can get 5% off your total order!


We love Abe’s Market because they carry all sorts of paleo friendly, gluten-free foods, spices, in addition to all of of their “natural mindful living” products for the home, baby and kids, fashion, health and pet care. They have great sales all the time, and we watch for them to come along so that we can buy our favorite things at a discount! You can get 25% Off select items right now with code “MOVING” when you shop using this link (affiliate): http://bit.ly/abesmarketsale.

 PLO may

So we have reviewed lots of the different products that Primal Life Organics carries (see here and here), and the good news is that every month they choose different products to go on special. Check out all their specials and sale products using this link: http://bit.ly/PLOpaleoparents. (affiliate)

Recommended Reading

Celiac is no Laughing Matter, by Gluten-Free-Girl and the Chef

We, as a gluten-free community, have gotten used to the ridicule that can come along with our choices. Most of the time, we don’t let it bother us, but more and more, comedians and other celebrities are trying to turn “the gluten-free fad” into an easy joke. Shauna James Ahern, blogger behind Gluten-Free-Girl and the Chef, decided to take a stand against the negative bullying that gluten-free people often put up with from people that don’t understand why we don’t eat gluten. Please take the time to read this important article, and share with your friends and family.

Recommended Products of the Week

My Favorite Supportive Bra

StrongWoman Bruises on PaleoParents

Ever since I posted a pic of my Strongwoman bruises while I was in my bra, I have gotten TONS of requests to share what kind of bra I wear. First of all, um, awkward… but OK. Hands down, Panache (affiliate) makes the best bras for us Bigger Chested Girls. Supportive, comfortable, sturdy, and nice shaping. In the picture is the molded removable strap bra,while when working out I love their underwire sports bras.

ISI Mini Whipped Cream Maker


We mentioned this above, but isn’t this ISI Whipped Cream Maker the bomb? They boys gave it to me for Mother’s Day.  It whips the cream (or full fat coconut cream) with a touch of a button in seconds, and the cream will keep in the refrigerator for 10 days.  Now THAT’S a great gift! I didn’t even know it existed! It’s basically like a reusable tool that turns any cream into your own redi-whip! This way I can control the ingredients. My family noticed that I’ve been eating whipped grass fed cream with berries as my “clean eating” dessert lately, and this was such a thoughtful gift!


Upcoming Events!

Stacy will be speaking twice at this year’s Ancestral Health Symposium:
August 8, 2014, 11:25 am – Ancestral Health for Women in the Modern World: the HPA Axis Meets the HPT and the HPG Axes (or why we recommend women eat carbs) with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom
With Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo on August 8, 2014, 3:15 pm – Specific Requirements and Health Benefits of Strength Training for Women

You can register for the Symposium here: http://www.ancestralhealth.org/registration


There’s also been a lot going on over on Instagram, go check it out so you don’t miss out! You can catch glimpses of our every day life, with plenty of heavy lifting, our boys being #totesadorbs and all the delicious things that Matt cooks for our family!

instagram grid

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