Weekend Wrap Up, 2/8: BIG WEEK! Plus, Easy Weeknight Meals and CRAZY good COUPONS

Hi Friends, here’s a look at our week!

wings and bars

For Superbowl Sunday we brought our Crispy Oven Baked Wings in LEMON GARLIC BUTTER SAUCE (from Real Life Paleo), and Creamy Chocolate Chip Macaroons (in bar form!!) to the party we attended. These are two of our favorite recipes to share at gatherings where we know Paleo and non-Paleo eaters will be present – total CROWD PLEASERS!

Making sure there is food we can eat at social functions is crucial to our lifestyle. When we bring good, safe food to share with everyone we NEVER FEEL LEFT OUT of the social norm of enjoying food and the company of others. Plus, we get to share our awesome recipes with people that might not even eat Paleo, helping us further spread the word about this great lifestyle. And, come on, who doesn’t love a chicken wing?!

Pssst- find out which Super Bowl commercial moved Matt to tears —-> HERE!

our little chef

Other TV stuff? We LOVE that the boys are into watching Top Chef Masters with us; especially since Stacy got to eat at Chef Gregory’s restaurant, Departure in Portland during the book signing tour. We love rooting for him on the show. He even inspired our own little chef to make these Paleoful Nut-Free Sunflower Chocolate Chip Cookies with Indian Foods Ghee. He did it ENTIRELY BY HIMSELF! Don’t know who was more proud: him or us!

stacy's soup

As our routine continues, there’s soup and salad on our daily plates. Did you know that Stacy’s hashtags from her daily breakfast soup (#bronebrothheals) and from her daily salads (#morevegetablesthanavegetarian) won the Best of Paleo 2014 awards? It’s SO exciting! How can you not be excited and feel good eating gorgeous, nutrient-dense food like this! Matt works his SOUP MAGIC thanks to the Instant Pot, which seriously cuts down the time and energy he spends in the kitchen. He divulges all his soup-secrets here!

epic lunch salad

Sometimes putting together a quick and healthy lunch means thinking outside the box a little. Like topping your lunchtime greens with a fluffy beef and spinach omelet, plus leftover chicken and Tessemae’s. Greens + clean out the fridge = lunch!

before and after smolov

Speaking of routine, Stacy’s been working out and has just finished up round 1 of her Smolov training program. The result? No more “flat butt syndrome” in this house! Smolov was a great tool to help Stacy get back into a lifting routine again after the tour and holidays derailed that habitual routine. Overall, Smolov is about building muscle and nourishing your body (with healthy foods) to do that. The result is, as Stacy frequently talks about, not intended to ‘lose weight’ but rather hopefully over time improve health by increasing muscle mass (an indicator of health). From the start of Smolov Stacy gained 2 pounds, but trimmed inches off her belly. I think we can all see where that weight went… She’s all about that bass.

restaurant steaks

When you’re BUILDING A BOOTY like that, you gotta eat the right foods. Our Restaurant Steaks from Real Life Paleo (all you need is a cast iron pan and some grass-fed ghee!) are the perfect fuel! And the best steaks you’ll ever have. Bold statement, we know, but it is indeed true.

Almond Milk Latte Talk with Stacy

Worth Reading

Broccoli Slaw – you know the stuff, right? It’s shredded broccoli stems (they’re very mild, slightly sweet, tender and crunchy). With the exception of #6, here are –> 7 Ways to Turn Broccoli Slaw Into a Quick Healthy Meal.

We used cloth diapers on the boys, and loved them! And ever since, we’ve been on a mission to REDUCE OUR WASTE (not to mention save money) in whatever ways we can. I love these –> 12 Ways to Go Disposable Free!

You put Apple Cider in a lot of recipes, but do you know how good it is for you? Here are –> 12 Reasons Why Apple Cider Vinegar with Revolutionize Your Health.

Worth Trying

We’ve been fortunate to try a lot of good food and great products. As previously requested and discussed, we’ve compiled a gargantuan list you can SEE —-> HERE of our favorite things – everything from snacks, our (as some might say “weird”) ingredients, stores we shop at, and kitchen tools we can’t live without.

We’ve weeded through everything to bring you the best of the best, our all-time favorites. You asked, and we answered!

We Like What Recommended Products Graphic, Paleo Parents


Your Favorite Quick & Easy Weeknight Recipes!

Cole’s Mango Snack Balls
Coles Mango Snack Balls on PaleoParents

Mini Corn Dog Muffins
Mini Corn Dog Muffins and Cauli-Tots from Real Life Paleo by PaleoParents

Blueberry Coconut Milk Smoothie
Blueberry Smoothie Featured, Paleo Parents

Quick Dinner Meatball Salad
Meatball Salad Featured, Paleo Parents

Salted Chocolate Coconut Snacks
Salted Chocolate Coconut Stacks, Paleo Parents


Weekly Coupons and Discount Codes!

We’re fortunate to partner with some incredible companies that, like us, work towards promoting health, wellness, and… fun! Your support of these companies helps support us, and we greatly appreciate that.

Weekly Coupons and Discounts 2.7

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COCO MANNA BREWING CHOCOLATE: 10% off with code: “ppbrewedchocolate”

RxBAR: 10% off with code: “paleoparents”

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Get Beyond Bacon Here!

Beyond Bacon Amazon Review, Paleo Parents


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