Weekend Wrap Up, 2/15: BE MORE HUMAN and foods to HELP YOU HEAL after an indulgent Valentine’s!

Hi Friends- Here’s a look at our week!

One Stop Paleo Shop Excitement, Paleo Parents

Look at that excitement! Getting mail has always been thrilling for the boys, but their enthusiasm BLOWS THE ROOF OFF THE HOUSE when that mail is a box full of paleo goodies from One Stop Paleo Shop! Including some of our favorites like the new Epic Liver & Beef Bar,  Exo (cricket flour) Bars and Rx (egg-white protein) Bars.

Boys lifting, Paleo Parents

It makes Stacy’s HEART SO FULL OF JOY to see the boys excited to spend time together working out in our home gym, gaining strength and wanting to take care of themselves. Cole’s doing thrusters, Finn’s working the sumo deadlifts, and Matt tested and hit his 1RM from Smolov! Having a gym in our home has been so rewarding!

We are ecstatic about some of the new POSITIVE MESSAGE campaigns being shared lately- especially “Like a Girl,” where being like a girl means you are strong, smart and beautiful. And Reebok’s “Be More Human,” a message to encourage constant progress, to better yourself and the world around you, and that when you test your physical limitations you can transform your life (we’ve seen this in our boys and ourselves!).

Be More Human, Stacy Paleo Parents

Being a passionate human being, and someone who is always striving to do better, eat better, feel better, be stronger- and loving her Reebok High Tops, Stacy is thrilled to practice this message and pass it along! What are you doing to Be More Human?! Maybe we can help?

We’re GIVING AWAY A $150 REEBOK GIFT CARD on February 19th! Like us on Facebook so you won’t miss it! With the right gear, you can push yourself and your physical ability, to be more human too!

Paleo Parents Dinner Table

Sometimes we wish could scream from the hills how LIFE-TRANSFORMING and WORLD-CHANGING the Paleo diet can be. This lifestyle can be approachable and simple (when armed with the right resources), like this weeknight dinner in our house: roasted potatoes, greens with onions and mushrooms, and The Perfect Pork Chop from Beyond Bacon (raised by Heritage Hollow Farms).

Almond Milk Latte Talk with Stacy

Worth Reading

LOOOOVE THIS! And who doesn’t love a good info graphic?! I want to print some of these and hang them in the kitchen as art. Here are —> 27 Beautiful Infographics that Teach You How to Cook.

As I struggle with my Type A personality, obsessed with perfectionism and the (self-inflicted) stress of that, these are some good reminders! Here are —> 20 Signs You’re Doing Better than You Think You Are! 

Ahhhh! Times are a changin’! And we love it! —> The Government is Poised to Withdraw Longstanding Warning About CholesterolEat those yolks baby! 

Confession: I use the microwave every day! And here’s why I feel okay about it —>The Truth About Microwave Ovens.

Starbucks recently announced the addition of coconut milk to their stores. But before you get too excited, check out these ingredients…thanks but no thanks.

Starbucks Coconut Milk Ingredients

I recommend just asking for a pat or two of butter to be blended into an Americano or drip coffee!

Worth Eating

I have a reputation. A reputation for my lunchtime salads (among other things, ha!). I even won an award for my hashtag #morevegetablesthanavegetarian, inspired by my love of leafy greens! But my lunch salad wouldn’t be complete without my favorite accoutrements.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 2.56.26 PM

There’s Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing and Main Coast Sea Salt with Sea Veg for adding superb flavor to my greens. Salty crunchy Inka Chips and Dried Tart Cherries are the perfect strong woman fuel. And then of course a little Gingerade Kombucha to wash it all down.

LiverBar_products, Paleo Parents

In other epic food news… Epic brand recently released a bar made with liver! A protein bar with liver, people! Nutrient-dense organ meats are taking the world by storm and it’s awesome. No seriously, liver has about 100 times more nutrient value than regular muscle meat – so this is a really POWERFUL  protein bar!

Your Favorite Recipes for Recovery After an Indulgent Valentine’s Day!

Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup by Paleo Parents

The Healthiest Ice Cream Ever

Lemon Dill Salmon Filets

Chicken Liver Mousse
Chicken Liver Mousse on PaleoParents

Zucchini Bikini Bolognese
zucchini bikini bolognese

Events & Announcements!

Baltimore Area Celiac Support Group Meeting
Sunday, April 12th: 1:30-3:00pm

—> Stacy will be speaking, singing books, and bringing snacks to share!
Details and RSVP here!

Paleo Book Signing with Nom Nom Paleo and Sustainable Dish
Saturday, March 28th: 3:00-4:30pm

—> Michelle Tam and Diana Rodgers will be signing books and holding a Q&A session!
Details and RSVP here!

Weekly Coupons and Discount Codes!

We’re fortunate to partner with some incredible companies that, like us, work towards promoting health, wellness, and… fun! Your support of these companies helps support us, and we greatly appreciate that.

Weekly Discounts and Savings 2.14

NIKKIS COCONUT BUTTER: 10% off with code: paleoparents10 (through 2/16)

COCO MANNA BREWING CHOCOLATE: 10% off with code: ppbrewedchocolate

RxBAR: 10% off with code: paleoparents

SUSTAINAPAK: 10% off with code: paleoparents10

DELICIOUS OBSESSIONS: Mention Stacy from Paleo Parents to get a free copy of Delicious Obsession’s coffee ebook with your order!

THE SOX BOX: 10% off with code: stronglikestacy

US WELLNESS MEATS: 15% off any order under 40 lbs. with the code: caveman

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Real Life Paleo, Paleo Parents Third Cookbook

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