Weekend Wrap Up, 2/1: You Won’t Believe Matt’s New Fashion Accessory!

Hi Friends, here’s a look at our week:

While Kim Kardasion was debuting the furkini, Matt was busy debuting the animal-friendly, cat scarf. The coziest, and most fashionable way to snuggle your fur baby!

Cat Scarf, Paleo Parents

Meanwhile… Stacy’s almost done with her first round of Smolov!
Stacy: “I have to do how many squats?”
Matt: “All of them. All the squats.”
Stacy: sigh. 

This is the last week of heavy volume squatting, thank goodness! Then a rest week. The Stacy-pouty-face was due to 240 pounds for four sets of nine. Just this week Stacy will lift 37,555lbs squatting! Good thing the sox say “STRONG” on them!

Stacy Squats, Paleo ParentsWhat’s awesome about our home gym (House of Gainz) is that it means we still have family time while Mommy’s training! Everyone in the family loves the nighttime ritual of reading books before bed, and cuddling on the couch together (our kitten Sweet Potato included!). Lately the boys have been loving the book Actual Size.

Nightime reading, Paleo Parents

And Mommy’s bed time routine… doesn’t everyone have Hot Chocolate Gelatin right beside their bed? No, just Stacy then? On her nightstand you’ll also find Green Pastures Beauty Balm (yep, fermented cod liver oil for your face!), along with a Red Apron Butcher jar of lard refilled full of coconut oilThird Bear Lilac Candle (the wick is made of softwood and it crackles!!), and a nightcap: Delicious Obsessions Herbal Coffee. Yep, this is real life!

Nightstand, Paleo Parents

Friday night has become Open Gym at House of Gainz, and this week we had a great group of awesome people over to record Strong Woman Radio, lift heaving things, and then eat good food (chicken and waffles!). Working out regularly is so much more fun when you are surrounded by incredible and motivating people!

Friday night open gym, Paleo Parents

We are constantly reminded of how lucky we really are. A lot has changed in five years, and we’re so, so incredibly grateful. Stacy went from sick and morbidly obeseto becoming a competitive athlete and energetic mom. The boys, who wouldn’t have even touched lettuce back then now beg to have their burgers wrapped in it. Stacy lifted over 8,000 pounds in one day and got to watch her boys work out, do burpees, and be surrounded by strong, awesome people. Gives new meaning to the very real phrase, “Be the change you wish to see.”

Lettuce Burgers and Grateful, Paleo Parents


Congrats to Our Friends!

Yiddish Kitchen, Paleo Parents

In book release news you won’t want to miss… Yiddish Kitchen, by Simone of Zenbelly and Jennifer of Predominately Paleo is available now- and even if you’re not Jewish, you’ll still appreciate the bagels, pita bread, and honey cake!

Safe Starch Cookbook, Paleo ParentsRuss, the Domestic Man, is releasing The Safe Starch Cookbook on February 1st. We received this as part of our Revolution Resolution bundle, and it is amazing! I have never seen so many delicious recipes in an e-book before – to say Russ is a recipe genius is an understatement. Plus, our family has found we feel our best with a moderate of healthy carbohydrate with an active lifestyle, so this gives a ton of tasty ideas!

Make It Paleo II, Paleo ParentsHaley and Bill of Primal Palate have another beauty on their hands with Make it Paleo II. Their first cookbook is still a favorite with our boys, and this new one is already winning them over, too! We just made (and devoured!) the “Peanut” Butter Bars. Pre-Order now for guaranteed arrival on the release date (Feb 17).

Sweet Paleo, Paleo ParentsLea Valle of Paleo Spirit will be releasing Sweet Paleo: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Delights on March 2nd. We just received a release copy and don’t even know where to start – with recipes for Tiramisu and Creme Brule the boys can’t wait to try try some out!

Almond Milk Latte Talk with Stacy
worth reading

Insects with DNA fragments from E. COLI AND HERPES… both fascinating and terrifying! And frankly, if this story wasn’t posted in a major media outlet, I wouldn’t have believed it! –> Millions of GMO Insects Could be Released in the Florida Keys.

Here’s one to STIR THE POT a little bit… What are your thoughts? I especially love the photo of the guy eating raw meat on the street. Sensational a little?! –> Read:Jane Says: If you Believe in Science, Don’t Go Paleo.

As someone who is passionate about health at any size, self love, and lifting heavy things… heck, AS A HUMAN BEING, I find these pretty appalling. –> See: The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible “Fitspiration” Photos.

worth eating

I’ve been doing paleo in the work place for a long time now. MY GREATEST WEAPON? Tessemae’s in the desk drawer. Always.

A drawer full of snacks and emergency food (see what I have in my office below) is the best way to prevent giving in to the temptation of the break room offerings.

My favorite plantain chips – love em because they are cooked in palm oil, and they are the perfect SALTY CRUNCHY accompaniment to my daily lunch salad.

Oh LaraBars – you provide just the right amount of sweet and protein. While co-workers are popping Snickers and Skittles, I enjoy a LaraBar. Have you seen the MINIS?!
Other “I need food now but I’m stuck here” favorites are Rx Bars (egg white protein based – 10% discount code below!) and Epic Bars (i.e. if beef jerky and dried fruit had a baby).

A jar of Nikki’s Macadamia Nut Cookie and a spoon isn’t a bad idea either…

Your Favorite NUT-FREE Recipes!

 Nut-Free Almond Flour Replacement

Paleo Fruit Pizza
Fruit Pizza on Paleo Parents

Banana Vanilla Bean N’Oatmeal

Creamy Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroons
Creamy Chocolate Chip Macaroons 2

Nut-Free, Grain-Free Cobbler
Nutfree Grainfree Cobbler from PaleoParents



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Elad Review, Paleo Parents

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