(We Moved!) Healthy Foods that Travel Well!

We’re in the midst of a sea of boxes! But this time we’re unpacking them, which feels so good! In this week’s newsletter you’ll find: lessons learned from living out of boxes… foods that travel well!

Our Real Life

We did it! The moving saga has come to a happy end. We had great help with the move, which we are infinitely grateful for! These men, who are part of the company Matt’s passed brother helped establish, treated us like family. They re-built all our furniture and moved it to multiple rooms while I teetered on configuration. They let the boys feel useful “directing” in the truck. I’ll remember this crazy week exactly like this, all these guys helping make magic happen to welcome us to our new home. I’ll forget the chaos and stress, because in the end it all worked out and we finally got to sleep in our own beds – the boys each in their own room – and everything was exactly right.

We even celebrated the “birthday” of our new home with a picnic of gluten-free pizza and strawberry cake, on the only piece of furniture we had unpacked (our outdoor patio table). It was the perfect way to spend our first night in our new home. Thanks for sticking in there with us while we’ve been preoccupied! Warning: we now have to unpack and likely will continue to be a bit overwhelmed for at least a small while 😉

Even my food is in boxes lately! We’re still working to unpack the mass amount of stuff we have… nothing like moving to make you realize how much junk you’ve accumulated with three kids over ten years. My lunches haven’t been fancy lately, but they’ve done the trick! Greens and a few veggies topped with tuna (we recommend Safe Catch Tuna mixed with Chosen Foods Mayo and Sea Veg Sea Salt) is my go-to “I don’t have time for anything!” lunch lately.

Our Favorite Travel Foods

Because our kitchen and most of our food is packed somewhere in a box, we’re sharing the foods that have kept us going as we stayed in an AirBnB for a few days, and now as we work to reassemble our kitchen!

Paleo To Go Box
Did you know we have a curated box with some of our favorite travel snacks from One Stop Paleo Shop? It’s called our “Paleo To Go” Box… plus it has a built-in discount. And if you’re a deal-seeker, OSPS has free shipping on orders over $49! We do a large portion of our grocery shopping with here.

Epic Maple Bacon Cracklins’
The ultimate savory and slightly sweet protein snack- these have saved us from the hungers on more than one occasion! We love that they only the highest quality ingredients.

Roam Sticks
These are one of the boys’ favorites. They are made from pasture-raised pork, are flavorful, and have a great, clean ingredient list. Perfect for little hands and car rides! We order ours from OSPS.

Collagen Single Serve Sticks
Collagen Peptides are something I take nearly everyday to help with inflammation and to encourage continued healing – especially when I’m extra stressed during busy times. These single serve sticks are perfect for traveling! (Get a discount when you order these with Stacy’s Favorites Collagen Collection –> here!)

Inka Plantain Chips
Another salty snack must-have that travels well and that the whole family loves. We prefer this brand because of the higher quality cooking oil.

Wholly Guacamole
We get this guacamole in little individual cups when we find it, otherwise the big packets are nice for sharing. We love dipping just about anything in it… veggies, plantain chips, pork skins. We buy this stuff in bulk from Costco!

Paleo Pro-Tip

Upon our entrance into the paleo scene in 2010, we have been asked countless times how we make it actually work. To us, as a busy family of 5, making it work often means eating on the go. We always eat healthy meals and we always eat dinner together as a family, but in the hustle and bustle out the door to school and work often means “grab and go” food for breakfast and lunch. When we travel we like to feel our best, which means continuing to make the best food choices we can.

That’s why we’ve written Paleo To Go, to help all the busy folks who are eating on the go.

Our mission, since the realization that eating real foods on the go isn’t easy, has been to offer people tools that we wished we’d had along the way! This ebook combines all of that information and knowledge with recipes, lunch ideas and more for an allergen-friendly guide that would help people survive a busy day with real food.

Get our ebook –> here!

Our Favorite On-The-Go Recipes!

Roast Beef (Recipe in our ebook: Paleo To Go!)

Homemade Beef Jerky

N’Oatmeal Cookies

Chunky Monkey Muffins

Pizza Kale Chips

We Recommend…

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