Valentine’s Day Round Up 2014!

If there’s one thing we like to do, it’s make food for the people we  love! Whether that’s cookies and cakes or just a nice dinner, we just love sharing our passion for food with those we care about. So in celebration of the holiday of love, we’re going to share with you the recipes that are inspiring us this Valentine’s Day season!

2012 Paleo Parents’ “I Eat Real Food” Valentine’s Round-Up

First off, two years ago we did a post featuring a ton of Valentines Day recipes that you will certainly love! Browse through that and get inspired! And if that’s not enough…

Foodie and the Family: Valentine’s Day Round Up

Last year we asked our friend Tara from Foodie and the Family to do another, more extensive Valentine’s Day round up filled with even more delicious recipes!

Primal Bites: DIY Box of Paleo Chocolates

When Sarah of Primal Bites told us she wanted to guest post for us instructions on making your very own box of chocolates, we were as excited as Forrest Gump! How could you fail to impress your sweetie if you actually made him or her chocolates with your own hands? This is a beautiful idea that we’ll be sure to try this year! Stacy’s may have sent some hints about those salted genache truffles being expected…

Here’s EVEN MORE Valentine’s Recipes!

cinnamonheartcookiesDTWflourless-chocolate-cake-slicepistachiomaplepralines5 FlavorInfusedChocolates
All images are owned by the content creators. Click on the image to be taken to the recipe!

Chewy Paleoleos for Valentine’s Day by The Spunky Coconut
Valentine’s Day Chocolate Covered Cut Outs by Taylor Made it Paleo
Strawberry Dairy Free Ice Cream by Wholey Body
Bacon Hearts by The Paper Mama
Bacon Roses by Our Best Bites
Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Paleo Betty
Heart Shaped Paleo Pop Tarts by Mellow Mama
Dark Chocolate Mousse Hearts by Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind
Rose and Coconut Fudge by My Heart Beets
Strawberry Milkshake Fudge by Wallflower Girl
Caramel Filled Chocolate Hearts by Betty Rawker
Valentine’s Day Paleo Cake Pops by Ditch the Wheat
Cinnamon Heart Cookies by Ditch the Wheat
Flourless Chocolate Cinnamon Cake by Cavewoman Cafe
Maple Pecan and Salted Honey Pistachio Pralines by Living Nutrition
Flavor-Infused Homemade Chocolates by Phoenix Helix


Learn to make your own paleo dairy-free white chocolate! And frosting with freeze-dried strawberries!
White Chocolate Strawberry Velvet Cake Balls

Mexican Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Whoopie Pie Featured Image
Chocolate cookies and cream filling with just a hint of spice!
Mexican Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Whoopie Pies

You know you need to make your sweetheart chocolates, right? Our special treats will be exactly the thing the will make you number one in his or her heart!
Chocolate Candies

None of this is to say that you have to show love with food! You should find your own way to express your love. Diane from Balanced Bites writes about 8 Ways to Show Love that Don’t Involve Food and we absolutely agree!

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