TPV Podcast, Episode 93: Stephanie Gaudreau

Our ninety-third show!

Ep. 93, Stephanie Gaudreau

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy are joined by Stephanie Gaudreau, blogger at Stupid Easy Paleo and author of The Paleo Athlete, to discuss all things lifting, with special emphasis on how to fuel for individual performance goals.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 93, Stephanie Gaudreau

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Welcome everyone! This week we have a very special guest, Stephanie Gaudreau, joining us to chat about fitness, eating to perform, and overall health and wellness
      • Blogger at Stupid Easy Paleo
      • Author of The Paleo Athlete
      • In January 2015 she will also be releasing a performance paleo cookbook
      • Stacy has a girl crush on Stephanie and Sarah notes that Stephanie has amazing muscles
    • While Stacy and Sarah wrap up their books, The Paleo View will be free form, chatty style
    • Stacy shared on her latest and greatest PRs
    • Sarah shared on her love for Crossfit and her process for finding her base PRs – she is loving everything about it and feels like she is getting what she needs on a physical and mental level, it is so enjoyable
    • The group chatted about the Crossfit workout Murph
    • Stephanie shared a bit on her holiday weekend, attending Crossfit regionals and what her training focus is these days
    • Stacy stopped by Crossfit regionals and got fired up to lift, which made it a lifting weekend
    • Stacy congratulated all the athletes who competed over the weekend
  • (20:21) More On Stephanie
    • Last year Stephanie competed at regionals, and she had completed three years of Crossfit training prior to that
    • She was an athlete her whole life and in her early 20’s got into mountain bike racing
    • At the beginning she partnered Crossfit with her mountain bike racing, but she eventually identified that she was great at the strength part of Crossfit, not necessarily the gymnastics
    • Olympic weightlifting became her sweet spot
    • Last year she left her teaching job to work on Stupid Easy Paleo full-time
    • While she had a wonderful experience competing, she decided to minimize her training while she focused on building her site, she found a way to maintain training, but to limit the stress it created
    • She is back in training mode these days and setting PRs, bench-marking where her improvements are at these days with a more balanced approach
    • She just got married and is getting set up in a new house, while also working on the new cookbook
    • Finding balance is her primary focus
  • (26:00) Listening to Your Body
    • Stacy talked about the importance of listening to your body and taking note of the stressors in your life when looking at how and when to incorporate heavy lifting into your life
    • Stacy shared on how she is focusing on better recovery these days and how her first ice bath went
  • (32:38) Stephanie’s Passion
    • Stephanie is on a mission to help people understand that you can fuel yourself primarily with real foods and still have high quality athletic performance
    • The idea that you can’t PR on paleo is false, and remember that paleo means so many different things
    • People can fuel for their sport with real foods and supplement with items are still under the real food umbrella, while still feeling good before, during and after training
    • The super low carb or no carb approach does not work for everyone and you don’t need to be an elite athlete to require carbs in your diet
    • Stephanie is passionate about helping people understand what they can accomplish through nutrition, and to inspire people to take a look at their diet when they are trying to optimize their performance
    • Stacy reflected on real food supporting fitness and performance goals
    • Stephanie talked about identifying your training goals and how you partner your fueling approach with those goals
  • (41:26) Stephanie’s Top Three Tips for Applying the Real Food Mentality to Health and Performance
    • Manage your carbohydrate intake appropriately – make sure you are supporting your system’s demands properly
    • Make sure that you are not chronically hyper-caloric
    • Make sure you are eating enough fruits and vegetables – paleo is not Atkins, get enough colors of the rainbows and focus on those micronutrients in the form of food
    • Your training is not just what you eat, it also comes down to balance, sleep, and nourishing practices
    • Stephanie also touched on self experimentation and dialing in to find your personal optimal diet
  • (52:26) Top 5 to 10 Fiber and Starchy Rich Vegetables for Active People
    • Fiber – artichoke, celery, collards, cabbage, broccoli
    • Starches – plantains, parsnips, lotus root, taro root, sweet potato, winter squash, yuca, peeled white potatoes, white rice
    • The group chatted about other foods and not evaluating food with a strict paleo label all the time
    • Stacy commented on variations within paleo and the importance of finding what works for you
  • (1:04:18) Wrap Up
    • Stephanie encourages people to check out weight training in some capacity that will benefit your body
    • Stacy talked about the importance of finding a facility you click with, one with coaches who can help with your unique health history and goals
    • Stephanie shared on how to get started with lifting when you need to avoid high intensity training
    • Sarah shared her feedback on finding an exercise balance and regimen that supports AIP healing
    • Thank you again so much Stephanie for joining this week’s show!
    • You will be able to find Stephanie, Sarah and Stacy at AHS this summer
    • Don’t forget to check out Stephanie’s site, Stupid Easy Paleo, Stacy personally recommends her Strawberry Lemonade Gummies
    • Check out The Paleo Athlete as well
    • Watch Sarah’s event page for summer book signing details
  • 1:15:47 – Outro

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