TPV Podcast, Episode 89: Self-Control and Discipline

Our eighty-ninth show!

Ep. 89, Self-Control and Discipline

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy talk about self-control and discipline and how those concepts evolve throughout your health journey and as your paleo template evolves.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 89, Self-Control and Discipline

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Stacy has been eating a ton of fish lately – perhaps from positive omega-3 influence
    • Sarah shared on her recent experience with taking in too much omega-6 while traveling and how omega-3 intake helped to solve the problem
    • Stacy shared on her latest farmer carry PR
    • Stacy gave a Real Life Paleo update
      • The book will include 175 recipes (144 are nightshade free, 109 are nut free, 116 are egg free, over 80 recipes can be made in under 30 minutes, 70 recipes include five ingredients or less, over 80 recipes can be made in one pot, and over half of the recipes are for the third phase), and that does not include the spice blends and how-to’s
      • Make sure you pre-order Real Life Paleo so that you can get the lowest price possible and you don’t have to pay until it ships!
    • Sarah had a week and a half break in between when she submitted The Paleo Approach Cookbook and when she began to receive edits back, and the editing process is going smooth as they implement the lessons learned from editing The Paleo Approach
    • Sarah shared an update on her hormone balancing
    • This week’s show is about self control and discipline
    • How do you make a good choice when you want to make a bad choice?
      • For Stacy, she makes better choices overall if she stays on course, as opposed to giving in to the ‘oh, just this one time’ mentality
      • Stacy finds foods that comfort her if and when she needs them that do not derail her
      • When you run into a point where you feel like you need to fix a healthy habit that has gone astray, the first thing you need to do is acknowledge the situation and ask ‘how can I fix it’?
      • Stacy personally stuffs herself with healthy food and water – she also has a safe list of foods for after 9:00 p.m. if she is still hungry and craving something
      • Sarah points out that it is important for people to know that despite how long she has been paleo, she still faces challenges that she has to plan and strategize for, and to be aware of her triggers
      • Sarah also touched on maintenance and what she feels that means from a bigger picture
      • Wanting to be healthy is something that will always require mindfulness and effort
      • For some, there is an element to this journey that is psychological that does not go away with changing diet, exercise, or your weight
      • Stacy referenced some impactful points that came out of this episode of Balanced Bites featuring Stefani Ruper, specifically how confidence impacts self-control
      • Stacy reminds people who are not transitioning to think of yourself as being in control and being confident in your choices and your lifestyle to empower and enable yourself to feel good and positive and to continue on that path, and to be able to move on if/when you veer off that path
    • 38:52 – Science with Sarah
      • What impacts control and self-discipline?
        • A major impact of self-discipline is stress, specifically chronic stress and irregular cortisol
        • If you don’t have the tools to reduce stress, that can also greatly impact you
        • When stress builds up people will crave high-energy foods; studies have shown that eating these high-energy foods decreases anxiety and depression caused by chronic stress, providing a short-lived protection for the brain
        • Sarah talked about the kind of stress our body is built to manage
        • Lack of sleep has significant effects on how much people eat and inhibited behavior
        • Micronutrient deficiencies can lead to food cravings, hormone imbalances, insulin sensitivity problems, which all lead to control problems
        • Neurotransmitter imbalances are a major contributor to self control and discipline problems – Sarah shared more on dopamine and serotonin
        • Sarah also noted how leptin, insulin resistance, and a requirement from a metabolic shift all impact control
        • Some of the choices that people can make to mitigate all these contributors are:
          • Reduce stress where you can and learn to manage stress
          • Increase sleep
          • Increase nutrient density
          • Eat probiotic foods
          • Eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables
          • Exercise
          • Be patient
    • 56:02 – Questions and Answers
      • Gemma – early in paleo journey, dealing with extreme dizziness, why?
        • Stacy thinks this symptom may be salt related
        • The carb flu you will feel more in your energy and muscle aches
        • Stacy suggests switching to mineral water and using natural sea salt
        • Sarah talked about nutrient dense foods and stress management and how both of these could impact these symptoms
      • (1:04:45) Claudia – looking for input on how to slow digestion via a paleo approach.
        • Focus on consuming more fiber rich vegetables and possibly rice
        • Eating non-gluten containing grains on a semi-regular basis may be a good approach, but you will have to test and see how that impacts your overall health
        • Stacy shared on her experience with this same challenge
        • Sarah noted the importance of insoluble fiber
        • Managing melatonin and serotonin can also be a helpful tool
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    • We are quickly approaching the 100th episode, what would you like us to do to celebrate?
    • Stacy is getting ready to celebrate her 4 year paleo-versary
    • Don’t forget to see if Sarah will be in your area next for a book signing!
    • 1:24:38 – Outro

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