TPV Podcast, Episode 84: Arsy and the Champion

Our eighty-fourth show!

Ep. 84, Arsy and the Champion

It is one very exciting week on The Paleo View where Stacy reflects on her experience of training for, dominating, and winning her Strongman Competition – her first ever athletic event in her life! Our hosts also get down to the business of food and are joined by Arsy of Rubies & Radishes as she helps answer reader questions on meal prep, a replacement for coconut in recipes and the dreaded gel-less broth.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 84, Arsy and the Champion

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Holy smokes massive congratulations Stacy for winning first place at the Strongman Competition
    • Stacy has been in a state of shock since the end of the competition and it has been a good reflection period for her to think about who all helped her along her path
    • Stacy shared a bit more about the competition – read the full recap here
    • Welcome back Arsy from Rubies & Radishes!
    • Listen to her first appearance on The Paleo View , episode 33, Breastfeeding and First Foods
    • Arsy is back to chat with us about cooking – she released The Paleo Slow Cooker last year and just recently released The Paleo Foodie, check out her book tour information here
    • Stacy further reflected on her competition and specifically what it meant for her to not only receive Matt’s endless love and support, but to see his pride and feel that love and support during the competition
    • (39:04) The Paleo Foodie Cookbook
      • Sarah is so excited to see Arsy’s grilled liver recipe in the book
      • Stacy, Sarah and Arsy chatted for a bit about Arsy’s recipes
  • 42:40 – Science with Sarah: Branch Chain Amino Acids
    • Amino acids are molecules that form the basic building blocks of protein
    • The proteins that make up our body are built from 20 amino acids, 9 are considered essential and 11 are considered non essential
    • However, all 20 are essential to life – 9 are essential in the sense that they have to come in through our diet, the other 11 we can make from the 9 if we need to
    • Sarah covered branch chain amino acids and what results one can see when they supplement with BCAA, but notes that one should be cautious when supplementing with BCAA
  • 51:15 – Questions & Answers
    • (54:06) Christina – how to best prepare food for the week to avoid bad choices when things get busy?
      • Use your slow cooker
      • Check out Arsy’s e-book, the recipes in there take very little time to prep
      • Arsy use to do chicken in the slow cooker with salsa for her work week meals when she had a hectic commute schedule
      • Another favorite of Arsy’s is beef, coconut milk and curry paste in the slow cooker
      • You can also make a quick stir fry, salad or side of roasted vegetables to serve alongside some meat
      • Stacy suggested rotisserie chicken, bagged salads and high quality already prepped foods
      • Double the recipes you are preparing and freeze the extras
      • Have a couple of high quality restaurants that you can rely on for the days when you don’t have time to cook
      • Be sure to also keep smart snack foods around so that you don’t get overly hungry and make poor choices
    • (1:02:45) Katie – if my broth never gets gelatinous, is it still nutrient dense?
      • Arsy notes that yes it does still have a lot of nutrients to it, but to try ox tail to get it to gel
      • Sarah notes that any cut of meat that has a lot of connective tissue to it will make your broth gel
      • Stacy notes that a lot of people don’t cook their bones long enough
        • Be sure to at minimum cook for three days in a slow cooker, two days in a regular pot, and twelve or more hours in a pressure cooker
      • When your bones are soft, your broth is done
      • Add the vegetables in during the last four to six hours
    • (1:08:07) Viola – what are substitutes for coconut?
      • Paleo means meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats
      • Coconut is one kind of healthy fat, there are many alternatives to coconut
      • If you are not allergic to nuts you could do almond milk instead of coconut milk, lard or tallow instead of coconut oil
      • Additional replacements were discussed based on the kind of recipes where coconut would be used
  • Don’t forget to check out Arsy’s site and both of her books – The Paleo Slow Cooker and the recently released The Paleo Foodie
  • Paleo Parents fourth cookbook will be announced next week! However, feel free to check out a preview of Real Life Paleo on Amazon
    • The book is about how to transition to paleo and how to ease yourself into the lifestyle
    • There will be over 150 recipes in it
    • The recommendations will follow a three phase approach
  • 1:20:19 – Outro

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