TPV Podcast, Episode 78: The Domestic Man

Our seventy-eighth show!

Ep. 78, The Domestic Man

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Russ, The Domestic Man, to chat about his recent release of The Ancestral Table. Russ also shares a bit on his experience that brought him to paleo, and what he discovered about a healthy balance of carbs through self experimentation.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 78

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Welcome back to The Paleo View, Russ Crandall!
    • Russ is also known as The Domestic Man and just released his first cookbook, The Ancestral Table
    • Stacy notes that Russ has a flair for recreating traditional recipes, with special emphasis on international flavors
    • A bit more on Russ
      • At the age of 24 Russ had a stroke and lost all motor function on his left side – he had to redevelop the ability to use those muscles again
      • A year later he was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation of the arteries
      • He did five years of heavy immune suppressant therapy, and also had open heart surgery to try to address some of the issues from his autoimmune condition
      • Within a week of reading The Paleo Solution and adopting a paleo diet, Russ felt wonderful, almost back to normal, and since then he has been able to drop all but one of his medications
      • He has done a lot of self experimentation over the years to identify what works best for him, which is a traditional paleo diet with rice, potatoes, and the occasional serving of dairy
      • He tends to have carbs once a day, about 1/2 a pound, which keeps his energy levels balanced
    • Sarah shared a bit on how carb intake impacted her autoimmune condition and what she found through her research regarding the inclusion of starchy carbohydrates
    • Stacy has also had great success with increasing her carbohydrate intake; specifically in the evenings starch helps her cortisol levels
    • Stacy regulated her blood sugar through activity and found a way to eat carbohydrates to support her system properly
    • The Ancestral Table is a paleo plus rice cookbook, very similar to a perfect health template, and in the back a substitution guide is included to help you navigate how to substitute rice, white potatoes, dairy, etc.
    • Sarah was surprised by how easy it was to adapt the recipes in the cookbook to an autoimmune protocol
    • Stacy notes that if you liked Beyond Bacon you will love The Ancestral Table since both focus on traditions surrounding whole foods
    • Sarah feels that Russ’s cooking is the international Julia Child, beyond the specialization in french cooking
    • Stacy has also been surprised to find how carbohydrates have helped her manage her sugar cravings
    • For Russ a healthy diet isn’t one centered on healthy food alone, it is about sustainability – he hits all those reward centers with the foods that he eats so that he doesn’t feel deprived
    • Sarah notes how stabilizing blood sugar throughout the day minimizes sugar cravings, and the role that carbs play on hormone regulation and thyroid function
    • It makes sense to Sarah that having a good balance of starchy carbs is helpful to hormone regulation since they are a slower burning fuel source than fruit or a paleo treat
    • Russ’s favorite dish from the book to serve to guests is the Salt-Crusted Fish, which is so dead simple and fun to eat in a group
    • Stacy’s boys love the write up that comes with each recipe that shares information on the source and influence
    • Russ’s degree was in history, so his interest in history was added to the cookbook to make it more personal about why a recipe struck a cord with him
    • You can find sweet potato noodles on Amazon, you may also find them at Korean markets
    • Sarah, Stacy and Russ will be hitting the road together for some book signings – stay tuned for more details!
  • 1:00:16 – Outro

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