TPV Podcast, Episode 72: Paleo Philosophy Part 5

Our seventy-second show!
Ep. 72: Paleo Philosophy Part 5

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah revisit the Paleo Philosophy discussion to chat about perfectionism. The show hosts discuss the 80/20 rule, paleo police, their 20% and how to make a lifestyle truly sustainable.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 72: Paleo Philosophy Part 5

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Sarah has been having a difficult vacation – she had to put her cat down, she has been dealing with mold, and things have been busy and stressful
    • On a high note though, Sarah and her husband will be strength-training together in the year ahead three times a week, they also plan to work with a personal trainer who will teach them proper lifting technique and how to increase their load
    • Stacy hasn’t had a lot of time for Crossfit as of late and is missing the endorphins
    • Both Sarah and Stacy note the importance of finding the kind of exercise you enjoy and to simply do it – you will gain tremendous health benefits from any form of exercise, it boils down to moving your body with consistency
    • Stacy and Matt will be releasing an e-book in early January on how to transition into a paleo lifestyle – the book will offer a three phase approach, with instructions on what to do and in what order, the book will also include recipes to help with the process (i.e. what to make to replace your daily sandwich or bowl of cereal)
    • The two styles from Beyond Bacon and Eat Like a Dinosaur were blended together to serve as a resource to families
    • The launch of the e-book will be at a sale price, and know that this e-book will not be in a bundle for a long time – so don’t miss out at the launch!
    • Today’s show will be a continuation of the paleo philosophy discussion (check out parts one, two, three and four here)
  • 37:50 – Questions & Answers
    • As people begin to tackle paleo challenges or are jumping into the paleo lifestyle for the first time, Sarah thought it would be fitting to touch on the 80/20 rule, paleo perfectionism and orthorexia
    • From Stacy and Sarah’s experience, you have to find balance and sustainability – healthy living and perfectionism do not go hand in hand
    • Sarah and Stacy have a different perspective on these topics as they are both moms who have had to learn how to make this lifestyle palatable for their children, how to make it sustainable for their children outside the home, etc.
    • There are different mindsets on these topics based on your health history and what your goals are – none of the viewpoints are wrong
    • (43:08) Paleo Perfectionism
      • Check out Diane’s post on the subject on the Balanced Bites site
      • Also known as Paleo Police, these are the people who feel that you shouldn’t call yourself paleo if you are not following Loren Cordain’s original definition of paleo 100%
      • Cordain has released an updated version of the book and has even noted that the philosophy from his first book has evolved
      • The definitions that people set regarding 100% paleo are arbitrary, there is no science behind those opinions – there is a spectrum of what healthy looks like
      • There is no one paleo that everyone should follow
      • When you make a choice/cheat you are knowingly doing so, and that doesn’t mean that you are not paleo anymore
      • Paleo is not a definition of who you are, you are not either in or out, it is a loose term
      • If our goal as a community is to inspire and improve the health of the world, do not let the perfection be the enemy of good
      • Sarah notes to check out Mark’s article on legumes 
      • There are a lot of people out there who are sick and need help and when they come to a blog post or a comment thread where people are policing and attacking others choices, people who were researching ways on how to improve their lives are completely turned off to paleo because of that perfectionist mentality that is forced upon others
      • These paleo perfectionists are often times hypocrites, they are often not the people who have health issues who are following this lifestyle in restrictive ways to help with a health problem
      • Sarah notes that you should not let these short-sided people to deter you from making healthy choices, don’t let them intimidate you from experimenting to find what works for you – remember that the goal is to find a nutrient dense diet that makes you feel great and is sustainable
      • When experimenting look for what makes you feel your best, what your body can tolerate, and what approach you can sustain
      • More importantly, don’t be one of these people – don’t let your discovery of what works for you impact your ability to accept that something different might work for someone else
      • Stacy and Sarah both shared on what their “20” is and what they like to enjoy from time to time
  • From this show we hope that you feel inspired to self experiment and to find what paleo means to you – take everything else we say as a guide or starting point, but not as rules
  • Next week a guest will be joining the discussion!
  • Happy new years everyone!
  • 1:30:01 – Outro

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