TPV Podcast, Episode 56: Fitness & Recovery

Our fifty-sixth show!
Ep. 56: Fitness & Recovery

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah chat about their new fitness regimens, how physical fitness has impacted their health journey, and what they are focusing on now and why. They also address questions about recovery and how to properly fuel for muscle growth.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 56: Fitness & Recovery

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:19 – News & Views
    • Paleo Parents kids started school last week and life has been busy with Crossfit training, work, blog projects, etc.
    • Spunky Coconut’s new book (The Paleo Chocolate Lover’s Cookbook) arrived just in time for Stacy’s birthday and they broke in their book with the french toast stuffed with chocolate recipe
    • Sarah has been testing food reintroduction with coffee, chocolate, eggs, etc. – and has had some exciting success
    • Something Stacy had while traveling for BaconPalooza gave her a violent reaction and the second day of the event Stacy wasn’t feeling the greatest
    • However, the rest of the BaconPalooza weekend was really enjoyable
    • Russ was running late and was worried that he wouldn’t make it in time for the competition, but ended up crushing the cook off and winning
    • Sarah had a really good weekend, she has hit a point where she can see the light at the end of the tunnel and is in a better place emotionally
    • The Paleo Approach will now be released on Christmas Eve, and the cookbook will come out three months after that
    • Sarah has been pacing herself with the book and adjusting her sleep schedule to get more, she has also put activity as a higher priority and has been feeling incredible from these adjustments
      • Sarah shared the details of her new fitness schedule and how taking this time for herself is making her body feel from the stress reduction, better sleep, hormone regulation, etc.
    • Stacy’s autoimmune flair made her take a year off to recover and reevaluate where she was at with her health journey and what physical activities benefit her most
      • Finding a place where you feel confident and supported, and finding a place where you go and feel good is what you are looking for when adopting a new fitness regimen – and that space can be wherever you make it
      • Stacy reflected on all that she has accomplished in the past three years and how people have inspired her along her journey
    • Sarah notes that the key to success with fitness is to find something that is fun for you and that you love because that is what will allow you to seamlessly make it part of your life
    • Stacy is on a chicken kick in her diet, and Sarah is on a mahi mahi kick
    • While Stacy is loving the chicken she wants Sarah to help her find some other quality protein sources
  • 42:13 – Science with Sarah: digestible protein versus less digestible protein
    • This boils down to the different balances in amino acids and the ways they chain together in proteins in different kinds of animals
    • Protein from fish is easier for our bodies to breakdown
    • Land animals and poultry are more easily digested and absorbed by our bodies, whereas plant proteins are not
    • Fish in addition to being a great source for vitamins and minerals is also high in fat soluble fats and are the best fat sources for long chain fatty acids
    • The most affordable fishes are white fish, tilapia, hake, mahi mahi
  • 50:44 – Q&A
    • Lew – what is the best thing to eat pre and post run for three to six mile runs?
      • Stacy personally has seen great results from utilizing sunflower butter for her pre-workout fuel, and for her post workout she does vegetables and protein
      • Stacy is more likely to even use an Epic bar over a Larabar because she does better with protein versus stand alone carbs
      • Stacy had to learn how to eat to build muscle as opposed to losing weight, which has benefited her journey
      • Sarah notes that there is a certain amount of self experimentation that you will need to do to test your body’s ability to burn fat, as you won’t need to worry as much about eating before and during a workout as your body will be fat adapted
      • Check out the book Paleo Athletes
      • Learn about the effects that endurance activities have on digestion
      • Make sure you have the right fuel throughout the day as opposed to worrying about the kind of meals you have and the timing of those meals
    • (1:08:23) Bianca – How should I structure my macronutrient intake to support my exercise, but also shed body fat?
      • If your thyroid wasn’t an issue Stacy would say to eat until you are full, avoid treats, reduce your overall food reward foods and if you still don’t lose weight – relax and enjoy your body
      • However, due to the thyroid concern, Sarah notes that the weight gain may be due to your hormone replacement and you may want to look into a different source for the hormone to see if it yields better results and to dial into the proper dose
      • Belly fat is a classic sign of cortisol issues, so Sarah recommends highly focusing on stress reduction
      • Dietary sources for iodine are anything that comes out of the ocean, sea salt and pink salt
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    • (1:21:39) Outro

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