TPV Podcast, Episode 372: Stress Management Reminder

On this week’s episode, Sarah and Stacy do a brief check-in show to share a bit on life’s latest events that have reminded the hosts of the importance of stress management. Enjoy!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 372: Stress Management Reminder

Welcome back Paleo View! (0:41)

This week Stacy and Sarah had intended to bring a science-heavy vegetable show to listeners.

However, once you hear Sarah talk you will find out why the hosts have decided to no let her talk for an hour.

Sarah is on day six of the bug she is fighting.

She feels that her voice has improved. There was a twenty-four-hour window where she wasn’t able to talk at all.

Stacy thought it would be great to give Sarah’s voice a rest and to share an update on life.

She has even done research on a topic she would like to share with listeners.

Matt and Stacy’s house is officially on the market.

The day before the house went to market, Stacy’s back completely seized up and she is on day nine of this flair.

This is the longest stretch of time she has been down from her back injury.

Stacy learned a lot from this flair, as she wasn’t doing the things she normally does to take of herself.

In the midst of a stressful period in life, Stacy got a tattoo in memory of Andrew, along with Matt and Matt’s youngest brother.

The tattoo is very tiny. However, as shared on this podcast episode, tattoos are an immune agitator.

There were many stressful factors piling up on Stacy, and the minute that the house went to market her back started hurting.

It’s not a coincidence. The stress causes muscle tightness, the muscle tightness constricts her spine, causing the nerve to be pinched.

Stacy knows what is happening and has physical therapy exercises, supplements, and time to rest.

Luckily, now she is one the up and up.

As a reminder to listeners, whatever health issues you have had previously or have ongoing flairs with, stress management is vital.

Bone broth can only take you so far, and if you aren’t listening to your body you can miss the warning signs.

Stacy has been utilizing the hot tub while recovering, and through research has found that there are multiple benefits. (9:12) 

Through her research, Stacy has found that there are multiple benefits to hot baths. There are also some risks, so this might not be for everyone.

There were significant studies that showed that taking a couple of hot baths a day would reduce your chance of heart attack and stroke.

The research showed, that the hot soak increases your heart rate while decreasing your blood pressure at the same time.

You also sweat while in the hot tub, which allows you to detoxify additional toxins.

For Stacy, the hot water relaxes her muscles, which is a trifecta of goodness.

Stacy also read in a study that time in hot soaks reduces inflammation, which makes sense.

Sarah really hears Stacy on the importance of looking after herself.

When Sarah doesn’t have control over her environment when she is traveling, or if she doesn’t have the ability to recover after traveling, the chances of her getting sick are really high.

Sarah use to get sick far more often before Paleo. However, now Sarah gets sick when traveling or publishing a book.

In particular, with this last trip, between the physically stressful travel itinerary, the jetlag, the emotional stress from the family crisis, and then going into work mode, set her up for a crash.

Sarah also was exposed to someone with laryngitis, while dealing with a weakened immune system from traveling.

It doesn’t hurt for Sarah to swallow, but she can feel the burn of the inflammation and her neck hurts.

Sarah doesn’t feel good and hasn’t for the past week.

She has been sleeping as much as she can and working as little as she can.

Sarah is also trying to reschedule things that can be rescheduled, or making the choice to simply not do things that don’t have to be done right now.

It is frustrating to have a body that doesn’t allow Sarah to abuse it. However, at the same time, it helps Sarah to stay on the straight and narrow.

One of the most common questions that Sarah receives from people is, ‘how do you do it all?’.

And this is how she does it. It sometimes takes everything out of her and then she has to drop everything for one to three weeks while she recovers.

Stress management is always Sarah’s challenge. The things she wants to do, while they make her brain happy, don’t always make her body happy.

She has to balance what Sarah physically needs to be healthy, versus what she wants to do with her knowledge base, her talents, and her passions.

This often feels like Sarah is walking a tightrope trying to balance these things.

She didn’t balance these things, and now here she is sick.

Stacy is glad that Sarah is on the up, but thinks she needs more of the things that will help her recover.

Sarah and Stacy plan to talk next week and return with an energized Sarah.

Listeners, thank you for tuning in and for having patience with Stacy and Sarah’s peeks in their journey.

If you are feeling well, appreciate it. Think about the things you are doing that make you feel that way, so that the next time you are not feeling well, you too can have a path to recovery.

Thanks again for being here! And thank you, Sarah, for coming on and pushing through! (20:21)

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