TPV Podcast, Episode 37: Follow-Up Show

Our thirty-seventh show!
Ep. 37: Follow Up Show

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah catch up on how book writing and editing is going, and circle back on questions and comments from previous episodes.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 37: Follow-Up Show


  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:19 – News & Views
    • And just so you know, ALL episodes can now be downloaded from iTunes!
    • Shared love for treadmill desks
    • Discussed this article on treadmill desks that called it ‘Junk Food Walking’
    • Sarah has seen physical improvements from her time on the treadmill desk
    • Beyond Bacon is going off to printer end of this working week, the Paleo Parents are in final edits mode
    • There are a lot of autoimmune protocol friendly recipes throughout the book
    • Sarah and Stacy catch up on completing a book and the grueling editing process
    • With the addition of the Paleo Parents assistant and the treadmill desk, Stacy is trying her best to manage her stress and take care of her health
    • Since both Sarah and Stacy are feeling kind of burnt out from book work, episode 37 is a follow up show to circle back on comments and questions from previous episodes
  • 23:47 – Science with Sarah: Eating omnivores, does it matter what they eat?
    • Pork and poultry are often supplemented with feed that sometimes includes corn, wheat, soy and other random seeds – could also be eating table scraps
    • Pasture raised beef does not need supplemental feed
    • With eggs, research shows that there can be intact proteins from the diet of the chickens that can get into the eggs, in particular has been shown with soy
    • There is no evidence that definitively shows this happening in muscle meat
    • If a healthy animal has a healthy gut all of the proteins from their diet are broken down for their gut barriers and are reconstructed for their muscle tissue
    • However,  conventionally raised animals do not have healthy digestive systems, and proteins from their feed could leak into their bodies – there may be a concern with conventional meat, but it hasn’t been proven
    • If you have a severe allergy to something that the animals were fed (provided that the animals were raised and butchered in a healthy, clean environment) there should be no trace proteins in the meat
    • Talk to your farmer when you are buying pastured animals to ask about their feed and farming practices, most farmers will be happy to share information
  • 30:58 – Q&A
    • Katy: Shares feedback on sensitive smoke detectors. (original question was in episode 30)
      • Katy found out from a fireman that a smoke alarm that goes off at high temperatures without any smoke is a sign of a cheap fire alarm, and ultimately smoke alarms shouldn’t do that
    • (32:58) Angela: Are the ingredients in AdvoCare Spark really paleo approved? And what does ‘natural flavor’ mean anyway? (original question was in episode 30)
      • The AdvoCare Spark must have an active and inactive ingredients list on their site, and Sarah thinks she saw only one of those when answering the original question
      • The other ingredients not previously discussed can be wheat or corn derived and without knowing where they are from are not safe
      • Artificial flavors can mean a lot of different things, but usually means chemicals that are esters that provide flavor, but have been manufactured to create high quantities
      • Ask what value this beverage is adding to your diet and perhaps look to another source of caffeine that packs health benefits
    • (38:41) Lisa: Two tips, Wilderness Naturals makes an expeller pressed coconut oil that does not taste or smell like coconut. And two, kombucha doesn’t need black tea only, it can be brewed from green or white as well. (original question was in episode 30)
      • Stacy has given up on brewing her own kombucha and is a big fan of Reeds Kombucha, which is jasmine tea based
      • Sarah brews her own kombucha
    • (41:15) Theresa: Tip regarding coconut oil, do not put coconut oil on the skin immediately after a burn as it can trap the heat and burn the skin worse – cool water and ice are always the best immediate responses to burns
    • Sarah and Stacy share stories of clumsiness and forgetfulness
  • 48:28 – BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted reviews, The Paleo View hit number six on the podcast ratings for all health shows and it shows how impactful those reviews are! Please keep them coming!
  • 50:13 – Outro

photoMonica is the latest member of the Paleo Parents Team! Raised in a full-on hippy house, she was taught to love the land and the animals that feed from it. From old school hog butcherings to berry farm harvesting treks, her parents showed that health began with food choices. However, her teen years brought her down a rebellious path with food and she began to struggle with the world of weight-gain, yo-yo diets, and eating in secret. It wasn’t until her husband nudged her in the direction of the Primal Blueprint that she learned how to break my unhealthy cycle.

Now she is carving out her own hippy life and learning how to raise a paleo family in our modern-day grain and sugar crazed world. Monica can be found at as well as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest .

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