TPV Podcast, Episode 362: Check-In Show

On this week’s episode, Stacy and Sarah touch base for a brief check-in show, with one very exciting announcement from Sarah. Our hosts give us a glimpse into their summer digital detoxes, and Sarah has a moment as she reflects on something she has been working towards for a long time now. Tune in below!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 362: Check-In Show

    • (0:41) Hellos & Happenings

      • Hello, listeners from sunny Arizona!
        • Stacy is loving everything about the southwest, except the internet connection
        • Matt and Stacy were in Sedona when this episode was recorded
        • This stop along their trip has been a great rest and restore spot
      • This week will just be a check-in show since Stacy is having some trouble with the internet reliability
      • There is a topic on the docket for episode 363 that both Stacy and Sarah are super passionate about and incredibly excited to discuss and share with listeners
        • They don’t want to record this epic discussion with the chance of the internet going out mid recording
      • Sarah is about to head to the mountains for a family camping trip
        • Sarah’s mom is in town and will be joining them for a trip to the mountains
        • They will be escaping the heat, internet connection, and cell service
      • Sarah and Stacy chatted about screen time limits
        • Sarah’s husband suggested that she give the time limit features a try but Sarah passed
        • Stacy tried them for a little while when she was still working
          • She set the bedtime feature which was helpful
        • Sarah does use the ‘do not disturb’ feature on her phone to set boundaries on her time
      • Stacy reminded listeners that if you have been busy working all summer, that simply turning your phone off is a great way to create time to recharge
        • You can even set up your ‘do not disturb’ feature so that certain people (spouse, kids, etc.) can still reach you via phone call
        • Stacy thinks that having those occasional breaks from your internet is really special
      • Let it be known, Stacy does not like sand.
      • Matt, Stacy and the kids rode ATVs in the desert and had a blast disconnecting and being in the moment
        • Disconnecting is such a great and truly easy way to reconnect with those you love and to fully live in the moment
        • Ask yourself what you need and what really matters and make more time for these things and people
      • Sarah gives talks at business conferences and shares on work-life balance
        • Sarah shares the research on how much you can get done when you take breaks for movement, manage stress, and get enough sleep
        • The very information she shares is a great reminder to Sarah on how and why to take digital media detoxes
        • The mountains are very restorative to Sarah for many reasons, but especially because of the digital downtime the getaway provides
      • Matt and Stacy’s boy’s first interaction with a cactus
      • Sarah is going to be an American citizen in a week!!
        • She passed her test
          • Sarah worked so hard to pass this test and ultimately over-prepared for it
        • On July 29 she will take her oath
          • By the end of that ceremony, she will have her documentation showing she is an American citizen
        • Sarah’s husband will have his ceremony on his birthday
        • Sarah shared on why this is such a meaningful moment in her life
        • America’s naturalization process is really unique and special
      • Stacy doesn’t think there is much more she can add to Sarah’s amazing cherry on top of this check-in show
      • Have a wonderful week!
      • Next week Stacy and Sarah will be back with an amazing episode!
      • Thank you, listeners and huge congratulations to Sarah again!

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