TPV Podcast, Episode 333: 2019 Resolutions Check-In Show

paleo view podcast 2019 resolution check in show

Stacy and Sarah are kicking off 2o19 sharing their takes on what makes a healthy New Year’s Resolution, their personal resolutions, and the secret sauce that will help you increase your motivation to make this year’s resolution a life long habit.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 333: 2019 Resolutions Check-In Show 

    • (0:00) Intro

    • (0:40) News and views

      • Happy New Year from Stacy and Sarah!
      • Stacy reminds listeners not to use the new year to shame yourself. Instead, focus on the positive: joy, self love, and being your best self.
        • Instead of guilt and shame, look forward and frame your resolution as “I want to be healthy for my family, so I can live my best life, etc…”
        • Sarah jumps in saying New Year’s Resolutions are often things that we want to do but we haven’t accomplished yet. Not to mention, it comes on the heels of a month or more of indulgence, being sedentary, etc, which can make the goal that much more difficult.
      • There’s a fine line between acknowledging less than optimal choices and learning from them. If you’re too dismissive of the bad choices, it makes it that much easier to fall down the rabbit hole of bad choices once more.
    • (10:17) Stacy and Sarah’s 2019 Resolutions

      • Sarah considers herself a “resolution-y” person, meaning, she’s very goal oriented! She likes to start the new year with resolutions, both big and small. Though she admits, she’s been so focused on finishing up her book this fall that the new year has crept up on her and she doesn’t have concrete resolutions formed.
        • One resolution on her mind is maintaining the level of clean she got her house to after the deep clean she did before the holidays.
      • Stacy’s resolutions include consuming more broth and soup. But her big one is to make resolutions that have nothing to do with her body.
        • Stacy says she’s spent the last 9 years completely focused on her body (what she eats, exercise, digestion, healing autoimmune conditions, etc), which leads to guilt or shame about opportunities she missed and what she could have done better.
        • This year, she wants to free herself from that and focus on the important things in life like her family, raising Penny to be a great family dog, traveling, etc.
        • Though her body and mind cohabitate, they need to be nurtured separately.
        • Ultimately, her resolution is to reframe.
      • Sarah expands on that point, stating that it’s important to focus on the “why” just as much as the “what.”
        • For example, Sarah’s former resolution to go to bed at 10pm every night is more important than just getting sleep because it’s good for you. Getting quality sleep makes her a better mom, makes her funnier, makes her more calm and collected and increases her quality of life overall.
      • Stacy shares that she’s realized mental health is just as important as physical health.
    • (27:45) Major takeaways

      • New Years is a time of renewals and fresh starts! It’s a time to set goals that are manageable and have greater context because that’s where the motivation comes from.
      • New Years is a socially acceptable time to make changes in your life. People tend to be more understanding and supportive of your choices to live healthier.
      • Check out Stacy and Sarah’s resolutions from New Years past in the last 7 years of their New Years Resolutions podcasts!
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