TPV Podcast, Episode 327: Our Thanksgiving Traditions

the paleo view podcast our thanksgiving traditions

In this check in episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss their Thanksgiving plans (they’re celebrating Thanksgiving together!) and some of their favorite holiday traditions from gifting experiences over things and why you should save your turkey carcass for a delicious bone broth!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 327: Our Thanksgiving Traditions

    • (0:00) Intro
    • (0:40) News and views
      • Sarah’s and Stacy’s families are celebrating Thanksgiving together! And the family of Russ Crandall, The Domestic Man, will be joining as well!
      • Stacy is hosting not one, but two Thanksgiving parties cause she’s just an overachiever like that 😉
      • Sarah doesn’t have a circular pie dish so she’s going to make a rectangular pumpkin pie! She’s using the crust recipe from Paleo Principles, not the one from the blog.
      • Happy birthday to Sarah! She celebrated her birthday on Saturday.
    • (12:40) This is a check in show!
    • Get your questions in! We want to hear from you! And there’s no end to questions we can answer and topics we can address!
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