TPV Podcast, Episode 310: Finding Health While Housebound

Ep. 310: Finding Health While Housebound

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah answer a question from a listener who is housebound and very limited due to overwhelming fatigue and nausea. We try to help her to eat more and perhaps do AIP.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 310: Finding Health While Housebound

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    • Stacy and Sarah are doing the Time Warp because Sarah is still in Canada this week!
    • Stacy stood up on her paddleboard today! And she paddled with the family for a mile or so! She’s so happy to have recovered her health this much!
    • Sarah’s philosophy is to do physical activities that are fun!
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    • This weeks question is a heartbreaker.
  • Vivian says, “Hello Sarah and Stacy. I have been following you for a few years now, and I love your show (and books, and blogs). Thank you for all the science! I have ME moderate to serious. I have endometriosis and fibromyalgia also. Trying to do AIP, bit am so disabled I don’t make my own food. I think (know) that I struggle to eat enough food, Even when I get help cooking. I have a lot of nausea and struggle to eat because I have trouble sitting up. My sleep has gotten better, but I still struggle. Before I would often be tossing on my bed until 5 in the morning. My doctor has given me a prescription for melatonin, and now I sleep before 1 in the morning most nights. Still not perfect. But better. I sleep 8-16 hours. I am housebound, partly bedridden. I am really struggling to eat enough food. I wake up every morning with a horrible nausea. I have tried ginger and other things people has recommended for it, and nothing seem to work. I had a friend help me measure everything and calculate the calories for a week (it was for a nutritional specialist at the ME Clinic who wanted a diary). My daily intake (calculated) was 800-1100 calories a day. Probably it was actually a little bit less, because I did not finish the plates of food. On bad days I sometimes only eat a bag of samai chips (rainforest or plantain). Because salt and crispy goes down in small quantities. In norway (where I live), there has been some research into fish protein as a dieting method, and because of that research a few companies are producing fish protein pills, but also fish pills (from the entire fish). So I have two questions. First; do you have any suggestions on how I can manage to eat more? Second; could fish protein be a way for me to get protein in me om the days I really struggle to eat anything? I have found one that the ingredients are powdered fish, fish gelatin, magnesium and silica. I am guessing the silica is not ideal. But not eating does not seem to be doing me much good, even though people are trying to convince me fasting Will make me better. I would be so amazingly grateful for any help, as I feel very trapped in my body and my house. I want to do the AIP, and to get better. I love you both, and I really appreciate the respectful and sciency way you approach all questions.”
    • ME refers to myalgic encephalomyelitis.
    • Vivian is solution oriented and that’s great!
    • More protein is a common cure for nausea because it tightens the esophogeal sphincter.
    • Grazing and frequent meals is also good for nausea, avoiding an empty stomach.
    • Time shift your meals towards when you are less nauseous.
    • Ginger and mint are natural anti-emetic remedies
    • Fish protein might be great! It’s already hydrolyzed (broken down and easier to digest) and should be great! Sarah saw white fish capsules, maybe not as healthy as salmon but a good idea
    • Now, the ones we found were 2g of protein for 6 pills. So this is a LOT of pills for a serving of protein
    • Stacy says a smoothie with collagen would be nutrient and caloric dense
    • Broth would be great as well (Shop AIP has Epic Broth which is great.)
    • Pudding or popsicles might go down well and slowly.
    •  Vital Proteins liver pills might work well, and they are only 4 pills for 2g of protein.
    • Nutrient dense meats like liverwurst or braunschweiger fried in the oven would become crispy and maybe more tolerable.
    • Avocados and coconut are very calorically dense.
    • Convenience foods are very important so that people can help you quickly when you feel up to eating.
    • What would you have someone bring you to help?
      • Homemade broth
      • Clean, quality protein and vegetables (maybe cooked already)
      • Do chores that you can’t do instead of food (laundry, vacuum, dusting, etc.)
    • If you want to do AIP but you have a but after that, then figure out what you need to do to mitigate the but.
    • Be strong and brave and stand up for your health! Ask for what you need for you to be healthy.
    • You could need to help me less if you help me with this!
    • If someone wants you to cheat, remind them that it’s inappropriate for others to judge your choices. It doesn’t effect them!
  • Vivian! We’re rooting for you! Keep in touch!
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  • Have fun in Canada, Sarah! Come back with your accent!
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