TPV Podcast, Episode 290: Mrs. Toth Goes to Washington

Ep. 290: Mrs. Toth Goes to Washington

In this episode, Stacy went to Washington DC to lobby Congress for better, more robust standards for personal care products! Find out all about it on this episode!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 290: Mrs. Toth Goes to Washington

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    • Stacy had a wonderfully full weekend with lots of people and is ready to introvert so hard now.
    • Sarah loves being with people but also needs to recharge by herself afterwards.
    • Stacy went to DC to lobby for all Americans to have safer skincare.
      • For 4 years in a row Beautycounter has gone to Washington DC to ask for better legislation.
      • It was 1938 the last time a law was passed on what personal care safety standards are.
      • You can listen to this The Paleo View episode about the cancer risk from personal care items.
      • Ingredients in personal care items don’t have to go through any safety testing to be used.
      • The FDA has no control over personal care products.
        • An example: a few years ago formaldehyde was found in a hair product and was found to affect the people applying it and receiving it. No one knew until people started having major health issues. The FDA couldn’t even do a recall on this product.
      • The Personal Care Product Safety Act is going to committee next month.
        • This could make a difference in everyone’s lives.
        • Currently there is no standard to label ingredients or use safe ones.
        • Some of the offices they visited were already on board with the bill, and some had no idea about it.
      • If this is something you feel passionate about, you can call or email your Senate offices.
        • The easiest way to help make a change is to text “betterbeauty” to 52886.
          • You will get a link you can click to send an automated letter to your local offices.
      • Stacy walked away from the weekend feeling she had actually done something of value.
        • She wasn’t sure what to expect going in, or if the message would fall on def ears.
        • The more that Senators hear from their constituents about this topic, the more they will prioritize it.
        • Stacy cried tears of joy as she walked away from the capitol building.
          • We are a sick population and this could help so many people.
      • Currently many of the companies that make a lot of products comply with stricter regulation in Cananda, so it wouldn’t be a huge leap for them to make safer products for the US.
        • Companies often have Canadian formulations and US formulations.
      • The current push back seems to come from animal rights groups, because there isn’t anything written in the bill on animal rights or human treatment of animals.
        • A new bill was drafted to include more animal protection.
      • The bill will ask the FDA to look at and ban 5 ingredients every year.
        • The change isn’t going to be too overwhelming for businesses making skincare products.
      • Manufacturers assume that if an ingredient isn’t banned, it is safe to use in their products, and consumers think that if a the manufacturer is putting it in a product, surely it is safe because someone is overseeing it.
        • In actuality it isn’t happening like that, unless it is one of the 30 banned ingredients.
      • We each have the opportunity to use our voice, and hopefully we can live in a better country because of it.
      • Stacy is thrilled to be part of a movement that makes her feel like she’s grown as a person.
        • This has sparked Stacy’s passion again for helping people, this time in a different way than their previous work writing recipes and cookbooks.
        • Talking to all of you and hearing your stories of struggle and health allowed her to fully grasp the importance of what she was asking for this weekend.
      • Sarah is mostly back to normal after her sever allergic reaction.
      • Sarah has been prepping for the next AIP Lecture Series starting March 19th.
          • You must listen to get the code- a thank you to our listeners!
        • Her goal was to create a course that has significant value for everyone: from the person just getting started with diet and lifestyle change, to someone who has been AIP already.
          • It was great to hear feedback from the first session that she accomplished this goal.
        • You have lifetime access to all of the coursework when you register.
    • If we can come here each week and share at least one thing with you that you didn’t know, or that inspires you, then it was worth our effort.
    • If you’ve enjoyed the show, please recommend it to someone who might enjoy it.

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