TPV Podcast, Episode 285: Stacy and Sarah Practice Self-Care

Ep. 285: Stacy and Sarah Practice Self-Care

In this episode, we recap what we’ve been doing and how we’ve been keeping our health!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 285: Stacy and Sarah Practice Self-Care

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Stacy is home from her trip- she took a red eye home last week from the West coast. She was able to sleep on the plane and is feeling human again after only a couple days.
    • Sarah remembers her last red eye flight- it was awful and she got sick when returning home after book tour.
    • Stacy is catching up on her day job work and her “Passion Projects” after being gone.
    • Sarah loves what she does so much, that it doesn’t feel like “work,” so she finds herself “working” a lot.
    • Stacy wanted to go on this particular trip, even though it wasn’t the best timing, because it was something that would allow her to affect change.
      • Stacy is learning to focus more on doing the things that bring her joy, that make a difference, and that also financially support her family.
    • Type A people who also have autoimmune issues have to be extra careful about policing themselves and avoiding too much stress.
      • There is a link between Type A personality and chronic illness.
      • It’s a challenge to prioritize self-care.
        • Sarah recommends thinking about self-care needs as part of her job and as something just as important as anything else on her to-do list.
        • On that note, the show this week is just a check-in because Stacy has been traveling and Sarah is in the middle of her AIP Lecture Series.
    • The AIP Lecture Series has been so much fun Sarah, its one of her “Passion Projects.”
      • It has allowed her to explain the material in a more in-depth way and in a different way than in writing.
      • The feedback Sarah is getting has been overwhelmingly positive.
      • Sarah tries to bridge the entire range of needs, from someone who just got a diagnosis or even suspects they have an autoimmune condition, or has never made any dietary changes, to the person who has been doing AIP for years and just needs refining… and everything in between.
      • It’s very rewarding and fun to hear stories of how people are healing, and feeling better than ever because of this series- the level of connection she has with people through this course makes this possible.
      • Sarah feels like she has found her element in this course- she plans to do another!
      • The course contains 16 hours of lectures, plus videos in the private Facebook group, along with guides, printables, and action steps.
        • The complete scientific foundation for the autoimmune protocol: diet, lifestyle, practical how-tos.
        • Think of it as a community college course for your health.
        • All of the “why’s” with practical “how to do this” wrapped in it.
        • The next session starts March 18th, 2018reserve your spot now here!
    • Stacy was exposed to the flu three different times on her trip and didn’t catch it! Knock on wood!
      • “Souping” is probably what did amazing things for Stacy’s immune system and saved her.
      • Even after having nightshades and alcohol before traveling, her body felt great.
      • She had bone broth, dried mango (vitamin C!) and lots of veggies all weekend at her conference.
      • Stacy took some essential oils with as well, to help protect her from all the yuk.
    • Sarah’s pulling back the curtain on Stacy- she actually is a positive ball of energy, though she sometimes pretends she’s not!
      • Sarah confirms that you can hug her and she’ll even hug you back!
    • We’ll be back again next week, and we’ve got some awesome shows lined up for the next couple weeks!
    • Thanks everyone for listening!
    • Outro (25:46)

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