TPV Podcast, Episode 265: Should everyone follow AIP?

Ep. 265: Should everyone follow AIP?

In this episode, discuss reasons why and why not to follow the Autoimmune Protocol

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 265: Should everyone follow AIP?

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    • We’re recording early due to book work, travel and Stacy’s Birthday!
    • Stacy is turning 36, which is the age she remembers her own mom.
    • Stacy is going to the Biltmore in Santa Barbara for a spa weekend that she earned with Beautycounter!
    • Send any questions you have to us! We love questions!
  • Question from Karen (5:47): “My question is Would it be a good idea for me to try the Autoimmune Protocol even if I have not been officially diagnosed with an autoimmune disease? I have seen benefits of the Paleo diet but am still experiencing gastrointestinal issues and wondering if I should continue by eliminating eggs, nuts, seeds, and nightshades? Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.”
    • Stacy says not to look at it as necessarily an autoimmune issue, but a bad reaction to a certain food.
    • Everyone has different triggers, some may be nightshades, some may be starch or fat. You have to figure it out.
    • Keep a food log to track when and what circumstances are causing issues.
    • That said, the AIP wouldn’t necessarily be bad, just not necessarily prescribed. Plus, you’re eliminating so much it will be harder to see what you’re reacting to.
    • Reintroduce using the reintroduction protocol.
    • AIP is about dialing in all aspects of health and making sure you the best, safest choice, removing all possible immune stimulators.
    • Autoimmune is hard to diagnose, so if you think AIP might help a chronic illness, it probably will.
    • And sometimes even treated autoimmune disease will benefit from AIP by reducing inflammation and treating concurrent autoimmune issues.
    • But AIP is not indicated for everyone. Some eliminated foods are really nutrient dense and a good choice for most people! Stuff like grass-fed dairy, nuts and seeds and pastured eggs are good for most people.
    • You won’t know what your issue is until you do an elimination diet. Maybe you have an infection or SIBO or FODMAP intolerance, etc. Perhaps you need a probiotic.
    • Diet is the biggest corrective factor in GI symptoms! Eat more veggies and fruits. Your community of gut bacteria will love them.
    • Gut bacteria control everything! Getting them healthy is so important. Eat more veggies and fiber and low saturated fat and high Omega-3s. Seafood and veggies are magic!
    • Remember: AIP isn’t paleo with more eliminations, but a whole lifestyle change to have a great nutrient dense diet with healthy lifestyle factors.
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