TPV Podcast, Episode 263: Asking Us Everything Part 2

Ep. 263: Asking Us Everything Part 2


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah respond to your Ask-Me-Anything style questions!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 263: Asking Us Everything Part 2

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:41)
    • We’re back for more AMA! We think this is a lot of fun.
    • Paleo Principles update: We’re at 688 pages. It’s WAY TOO MANY!
    • How did you write such a long book? No one knows. Maybe we’ll do a workout video with it.
    • Meanwhile, Stacy’s kids are going to three different schools and one of them took the bus to middle school at 6:30! It’s been exhausting!
    • More AMA questions! Fun questions we love and haven’t been asked before!
  • Are either of you superstitious? (8:21)
    • Stacy believes that people can find themselves in advantageous or disadvantageous situations, but there’s not some force in the world that notices when you follow superstitions
    • Sarah does do some superstitions out of habit, but doesn’t think she actually believes that they have power.
    • Sarah does say she believes in karma and also believes that people are meant to do things, but also believes in the chaos and randomness in the universe. There is some cognitive dissonance there.
    • Stacy doesn’t know why she does some superstitions, and catches herself doing them despite not really believing in them. They’re fun for kids too.
  • Which character from The Walking Dead do you most identify with? (12:36)
    • Stacy definitely identifies with Maggie because she’s kind and a leader who is into family.
    • Sarah doesn’t watch the show.
  • Stacy modifies it to which character from Game of Thrones do you identify with? (13:03)
    • Stacy identifies with Sansa and Dany
    • Sarah took an online test that said she was a Robb Stark because of her leadership and strong moral compass. But Sarah also really loves Dany for similar reasons. Sarah also identifies with Samwell Tarly because she too would be in the back as a craven.
    • Stacy and Matt love Tormund Giantsbane and Samwell Tarly as well.
  • If you had to live in a house with other bloggers for a reality TV show, who would you choose? (16:18)
    • Number one for both is Russ Crandall, The Domestic Man.
    • Stacy also mentions Bill and Hayley from Primal Palate,
    • Stacy wonders what kind of show this is? Are we casting for a competition? Because we’re not naming our bad guys!
    • Really, check out who we tag all the time on social media
    • Stacy: RealFoodLiz Liz Wolfe, That Paleo Couple, and A Tribe Beyond Blessed, Kaitlyn from Grassfed Girl
    • Sarah: Mickey and Angie from Autoimmune Wellness, Charissa Talbot from No Cook Paleo, Kirsten Peterson from Vibrant Life Army Wife, and Denise Minger.
    • Check out our Live from Paleo FX House show for more!
  • Is once a week for dessert too much? (19:48)
    • Sarah: it depends. Is it going to satisfy you so you won’t crave it anymore or will it just trigger more cravings?
    • Stacy and Sarah both tend to be “fall off the wagon” types. In that case, maybe best to avoid it.
  • What is your most hated activity in Strongman or Crossfit?
    • Stacy: Running. It’s why I started Strongman.
    • Sarah: Weighted lunges or running with a weight.
    • Stacy loved the feeling of being too sore to do normal activities. She always said “Bring it on!”
  • What is the most often cooked meal in your house? (26:06)
    • Stacy: Meatloaf and Chicken thighs.
    • Sarah: roast chicken or liver burgers.
  • Is there anyone in the paleo world you still get nervous talking to? (26:30)
    • Stacy: No, not in the paleo world
    • Sarah got giggly when talking to Mark (Definitely go back and listen to that one!)
    • Sarah gets excited when people know who she is. Like Art Devany and Dr. David Perlmutter
    • Stacy has learned that people are just people and are just like everyone else.
    • Stacy says only a few people would intimidate her or make her squee. One of them is a baby sloth.
    • Kristen Bell’s sloth spatula is on backorder, but it is here.
  • How tall are you? (33:23)
    • Stacy: 5’7″. People always think she’s taller though.
    •  Sarah is 5’5 3/4″, but she always says she’s 5’6″.
  • Can you do a foreign accent? (36:33)
    • Stacy: It would be terrible. However, Stacy and her stepsister would go to the beach and pretend to be French with the names “Ginger Bread” and “Carry-on Bag”.
    • Sarah: I do bad American versions of foreign accents and uses them to play with her kids.
  • Which is your favorite of your books (38:54)
    • That’s like asking which is your favorite kid! They’re all our favorites
    • But if pressed, Stacy likes Real Life Paleo because it’s how we really eat, but Matt likes Beyond Bacon because its a more sophisticated foodie book.
    • Sarah: I really like my new one, Paleo Principles. It’s like my previous books put together and made better!
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  • Outro (1:05:15)


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