TPV Podcast, Episode 262: Asking Us Everything

Ep. 262: Asking Us Everything


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah respond to your Ask-Me-Anything style questions!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 262: Asking Us Everything

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:41)
    • Sarah and her family watched the eclipse at totality, and she’s probably not blind!
    • They drove to Athens, Tenn. but their first plan was closed, so they ended up in a random field.
    • There were lots of cool telescopes there her family got to use.
    • Sarah feels lucky they were close enough to drive.
    • Stacy’s area had 84%, so she got to go watch at school with her boys.
  • It’s an “Ask Me Anything” style podcast. We took your Q’s from social media and got some great ones! (11:40)
    • Trisha: What brand of oral hygiene do you use?
      • Sarah has been using Primal Life Organics Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and Dirty Mouth Boost recently.
      • At first there was some sensitivity as her teeth adjusted, but now it’s working to remineralize her teeth.
      • Her kids like the sweeter flavors, which are new for kids.
      • Stacy uses Redmond Earth Paste. She’s also used the PLO product but didn’t like the powder.
      • Redmond Earth Paste is more like a traditional toothpaste, but it’s also clay-based.
    • Nick: if you could go back in time and give your 24-year-old self some advice, what would it be?
      • Cole was not quite a toddler when Stacy was 24. She would tell herself to prioritize nutrients for herself as well as her baby.
      • She wasn’t ready to hear about Paleo, but she did want to optimize his diet.
      • She didn’t focus on herself for years, until she didn’t have the energy to keep up with them.
      • Sarah was in grad school and had just lost 100 lbs (the first time) using a low-carb diet and had decided she would run marathons.
      • She thought that was proof that she was healthy, but she would tell herself to pay more attention to her other symptoms.
      • For example, she was struggling with constipation, skin problems, joint pain, asthma.
      • Nutrient density, gluten free and dairy free weren’t on her radar, but she was really stressing her body.
      • Eventually she had to learn to see her health as more than her BMI, and she wishes she would have understood that earlier.
    • Hannah: what are your techniques for reducing stress?
      • Stacy likes cuddling and skin-to-skin contact with her family
      • Drinking a warm cup of tea is relaxing.
      • Her self-care routine and skincare are really helpful as well, or taking a bath with a bath bomb.
      • It’s also critical for Stacy to separate food from emotions
      • Sarah’s number 1 trick is to have a non-negotiable bed time and focus on sleep.
      • She also tries to get light exposure during the day (outside or sun lamp) and minimize exposure at night (with Swannies or lightbulbs).
      • She also prioritizes movement.
      • She seeks out laughter with her kids or with friends, hobbies, etc.
      • On the flip side, it’s helpful to find stillness through stretching and meditation music.
    • Phillip: go-to fast Paleo breakfast options?
      • Stacy likes slow-cooked scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt with chia seeds and blueberries, jerky, RXBars.
      • Sarah makes homemade sausage patties and freezes them, then eats them with saurkraut and a piece of fruit.
      • If she’s running out the door she makes a Collagen Veggie Blend drink and eats a Beef Apple Bacon EPIC Bar.
      • On the weekends she makes a double or triple batch of Paleo Waffles.
      • Stacy recommends making soup, Simple Mills Muffins, egg muffins, banana bread or something else that can be reheated quickly.
      • Just think about what you like + what’s portable and make that! Wesley likes eating trail mix, so he gets a good, energy-dense breakfast even though it’s not a “typical” breakfast.
      • Sarah just tries to focus on protein and round it out with vegetables or fruit (but that’s how she thinks of all meals).
    • Paleo-friendly deodorant?
      • Stacy has SUPER sensitive skin and has tried every “natural” deodorant out there.
      • She’s been on a quest for a while, and every one has baking soda or coconut oil and both bother her skin.
      • The one she’s found that works is available at One Stop Paleo Shop, it’s E.M. Apothecary brand, and it’s charcoal based.
      • It works well before the summer time, and the days she works out she still uses Dove brand deodorant.
      • She’s working with E.M. Apothecary to develop a more feminine scent, but in the mean time she’s still looking for “the one.”
      • Sarah also gets a rash with baking soda deodorant. She likes ZAK Detox Deoderant — just be sure to get the baking soda-free.
      • They have 3 scents, a very feminine one, a very masculine one and a neutral one.
      • Have to remember that chemical-free deodorants just don’t last as long, so staying on top of it with reapplications is helpful.
      • If baking soda DOES work for you, there are lots of options that work really well.
    • Trina: how do you come up with your recipes?
      • Stacy started with having a family who loves to cook and eat, and there were lots of recipes too difficult to give up.
      • She wanted to develop recipes she’d loved and missed, so she started recipe development following other people’s recipes and tweaking them.
      • She and Matt co-develop: she’s the idea man and Matt does the execution.
      • They’ve backed off on recipe development because they’re are SO many in the community, and they’ve already developed over 2,000!
      • Sarah keeps a big book of notes.
      • She gets inspiration from all over the place, including family recipes, a meal she’s had in a restaurant, buying a weird ingredient.
      • She looks through classic recipes and old ingredients to understand the chemistry so she can mimic it with Paleo ingredients.
      • She’ll then write down her plan, make it a couple times, and adjust as she goes.
      • Baked goods can take 12-15 times to perfect.
      • Stacy says it’s also a matter of making sure things are balanced on your site or in your book (mains versus treats, etc.).
      • Book recipe creation is more about the balance of nutrient density and simplicity, while website recipes can be more complex and tend to draw a lot of traffic if they have that “wow” factor.
    • We’ll do a Part 2 of this AMA next week, since we weren’t as rapid as could have been…
    • Your questions help us drive topics going forward, so please continue to ask questions.
    • Good luck to those of you with kiddos going back to school! Remember Paleo to Go is a great option if you need resources!
    • Sarah and Stacy still don’t know what episode it is (bonus maniacal laughter).
    • Rate and review us. Goodbye!
  • Outro (1:05:15)


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