TPV Podcast, Episode 252: How Do I Lose Weight With My Restrictions Without Going Low Carb?

Ep. 252: How Do I Lose Weight With My Restrictions Without Going Low Carb?


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss losing weight without going low carbs and tips for how to get to healthy when you’re overweight.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 252: How Do I Lose Weight With My Restrictions Without Going Low Carb?

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Do you have summer adjustment issues? Sarah does!
    • Sarah is trying to finish her books and give her kids attention.
    • Meanwhile, Stacy is managing her time with adding working out back into her schedule.
    • Stacy had a run in with a notorious troll. She was told she has to lose weight before she works out to minimize injury.
    • That’s complete nonsense! Sarah agrees! Stacy turned it into an opportunity to talk about communication. We call this kind of person a “self-help troll”.
    • Sarah had a similar experience when she went on antibiotics for pneumonia recently, despite us saying that there’s definitely a time and a place for medicine!
    • But people who are concern trolling are “D words”
    • Sarah has been doing a series on healthy weight loss on her blog. Check it out!
    • Sarah does a lot of research on this! She knows what she’s talking about! But so many people tangentially related to paleo are selling you bad advice with extreme recommendations and bad science. This stuff can destroy hormones, endocrine systems, and metabolism!
    • Remember: Movement is essentially for health at any size! So much of science agrees!
    • Anyone with an internet connection can post something, so figure out why people are saying what they are saying!
    • You can love and respect yourself AND desire to lose weight!
  • Question from Jen: “Since I know you and Sarah have both lost weight, I wanted to ask for some suggestions. I lost weight going Paleo a few years ago, around 55 pounds. I have more than 100 to lose but those 55 were amazing. Problem was I also losing my hair. I added back potatoes, rice & more carbs and the hair loss stopped but the weight loss stopped too. (I’ve since read about low carb and thyroid issues – I have Hashis).  But even adding carbs, I gained nothing back – just stayed the same. Went through a major life stressor a couple years ago and gained it all back plus some. I want to attempt to get it off again but I’m at a loss as to what to do. I’ve read Sarah lost most of her weight low carb but I’m so afraid to do that again. I’m not trying to get skinny, but I want to feel more functional again. It’s super hard to follow most weight loss blogs since I already can’t eat gluten or oats or much dairy or too many raw veggies or nightshades… lol! Any direction or advice you may have would be super appreciated.”
    • Low carb does not have a metabolic advantage: it just tricks you into eating less!
    • Actually that’s the same as paleo. On average, people are eating about 400 calories less per day
    • While it’s not as simple as calories in/calories out, calories do matter for weight loss!
    • Weight loss can have negative effects while you’re doing it. Often there is nutrient deficiencies (which can stop your fat burning!)
    • Exercise burns calories and increases metabolic rate! Very good
    • Sleep loss will cause you to overeat and messes with hormones
    • Stress will also cause you to hold on to weight.
    • Taken all these factors together and you are left with a paleo template!
    • Healthy weight loss is slow!
    • Hyper palatable foods are a problem: They override your satiety sensations and make you want more!
    • Sarah recommends eating veggies to compensate!
    • Denise Minger reminded us that eating fat and refined carbohydrates leads to weight gain.
    • Stacy has mindsets that she has from low carb weight loss that she is trying to break. Like drinking bulletproof coffee in the morning.
    • Sort through your food habits to see what you can fix for weight loss.
    • Use an app to track your eating habits as a food journal to see where your extra calories are coming from! Try Chronometer or MyFitnessPal.
    • Snacking tends to be the biggest issue, especially with lack of sleep.
    • Are you getting enough fiber and proteins? Are you getting enough nutrients? What’s going on?
    • If you can, get a body composition measurement to see what’s going on. Get your basal metabolic rate to see where your calorie requirements are.
    • Also, don’t sit down to a plate of only carbs. Pair them with other foods or right before bed.
    • Starchy vegetables can probably be your only source of carbs plus some fruit
    • See Sarah’s posts on weight loss here.
    • Being thin is not the same thing as being healthy. And losing weight is not the same as getting healthy.
    • Losing excess weight is a side effect of getting healthy. Being overweight is only a symptom.
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  • Outro (53:37)
  • Bloopers: Near and Far was a Grover sketch on Sesame Street.


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