TPV Podcast, Episode 249: Paleo FX 2017 Recap!

Ep. 249: Paleo FX 2017 Recap!

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talk about Sarah’s trip to Paleo FX and what she saw and did there!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 249: Paleo FX 2017 Recap!

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    • Welcome back from Texas, Sarah! Sorry you lost your voice! Sarah always tries to take it easy after travel because it hits her hard.
    • We counted wrong. This is 249, not 250. But next week will be special!
    • Sarah is back from Paleo FX, our favorite paleo event! We love meeting people, talking to people and finding interesting stories.
    • Weekly reminder that Paleo Principles is coming soon!
    • Stacy couldn’t make it this year because we had so much going on this year, including selling our house!
    • This year Paleo FX wasn’t about “carbs” or other controversies, but on getting back to the anthropological roots, it seemed.
    • Sarah feels like she didn’t have to defend science as a concept this year like she has in the past. Remember: science is a process for finding truth, not a monolithic set of ideas.
    • The idea of Paleo FX is paleo as implemented into practice. So getting into minutiae seems silly.
    • Sarah’s talk was about what we know from scientific reaseach about reducing disease risk. She thought it was well received.
    • Paleo FX did seem to be focusing on synthesizing modern and evolutionary biology.
    • Several talks focused on lifestyle factors like sleep. Sarah liked hearing about it from Dan Pardi and Dr. Kirk Parsley
    • Next year, Paleo FX is rebranding to Health FX, a controversial decision!
    • Sarah and Stacy think this is part of a greater movement to make paleo idea more mainstream and associated with just good health.
    • Just make sure that your conference doesn’t suddenly become full of angry vegans!
    • Some things that Sarah loved:
    • Stacy was happy to see that Aimee Rose, who she met through Strongman has been at Paleo FX two years in a row!
    • Paleo FX has a service called Paleo FX TV which allows you to see all the talks from the history of Paleo FX as a subscription service.
    • Next week is episode 250! Exciting!
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