TPV Podcast, Episode 209: Cole and the Appendix

Ep. 209: Cole and the Appendix

The Paleo View TPV 209 Cole Appendix

In this episode, Stacy talks about her son Cole’s bout with a burst appendix and Sarah explains what the appendix actually is!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 209: Cole and the Appendix

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Cole had appendicitis and had his appendix out over the past weekend!
      • First, Cole had a stomachache
      • Then, when it worsened, we saw a doctor. The doctor misdiagnosed as Norovirus
      • On Friday, when it didn’t get any better and he was in a lot of pain, Matt took him to the emergency room.
      • He was quickly diagnosed with appendicitis, and was sent to surgery. His appendix had burst by the time they got to surgery.
    • A ruptured appendix is a medical emergency and immediately life threatening.
    • Cole recovered quickly, “a medical miracle”!
    • While Stacy credits his recovery to our lifestyle, we definitely followed the protocols of modern medicine to prevent sepsis and other infections
    • We’ve been walking and eating healing foods for him.
  • What is the appendix and appendicitis? (11:17)
    • The appendix is a little “cul-de-sac” off the large intestine
    • Possibly a reservoir of beneficial bacteria for the gut as a reserve if the gut microbiome is wiped out.
    • -itis means inflammation, so appendicitis is when the appendix becomes severely inflamed, filled with pus and will possibly burst. Generally, if it becomes inflamed, it will eventually burst.
    • It can be various causes, including genetic or infectious causes. It’s not very well understood.
    • Not considered to be the cause of any specific lifestyle or diet factor.
  • We consider paleo to be a complimentary healing factor in this case (17:47)
    • High dose antibiotics will affect the gut bacteria, so probiotic and gut healing foods like broth will help with recovery.
    • Cole hasn’t been eating well, and doesn’t like the big pills he needs. So we’ve been finding foods he will eat first, including puffed rice cereal
    • We have been making him Kombucha Gummies
    • Stacy and Sarah both eat broth rice as well for sick kids
    • It is a journey. You might not always be perfect, but it’s important to try.
    • Stacy believed that if we were paleo, the boys wouldn’t ever need to have things like appendicitis, but paleo is not a panacea.
    • The consequences of not having an appendix are very minor and having it out does not have a huge effect.
  • Thank you for listening!
  • Outro (39:11)



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