TPV Podcast, Episode 193, Paleo in the Dorm Room


Ep. 193, Paleo in the Dorm Room

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Sarah from Primal Bites to answer ‘how to’ Paleo in the dorm room questions from listeners.


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 193, Paleo in the Dorm Room

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:18)
    • Welcome Sarah from Primal Bites!
    • Sarah is visiting Stacy, as she is in town competing for her second Strongman competition
      • This was her first competition where there was a significant number of competitors and she won open middleweight
    • Sarah B. had a busy day helping her daughter with a school project
  • Paleo in the Dorm Room (4:33)
    • Stacy and Sarah first met online, and then met in person at the New York book signing tour event
      • They then connected on Instagram, and lifted together when Sarah was back home from college
      • Sarah is a senior in college, working on a degree in sustainability and already has a lot of great opportunities for her professional future
      • Thought it would be great to have Sarah on the show to help Stacy and Sarah B address college related questions
  • Questions & Answers (7:51)
    • Shivam – dealing with difficult acne, but was able to clear up 80% of the acne after following an AIP protocol while home for the holidays. Should I just eat the dining hall food for these four years of college and start your autoimmune diet to fix my gut later when I can afford and have access to paleo friendly food? Will my gut be harder to heal later if I don’t act now?
      • Explore your meal plan options – is it required? Can you reduce the number of meals you are paying for?
      • Can still make good choices in the dining hall regardless of the cooking oil
      • Research protein options within the dining hall
      • How Stacy made “healthier choices” while in the dorm
      • Sarah suggests getting a mini fridge and microwave for her room – it is possible to follow the AIP with easy options from a grocery store and basic tools in your dorm room
      • There would certainly be a learning curve to navigating AIP from a dorm room, but it is certainly possible
      • Read labels and evaluate options
      • Check with your dining hall on how accommodating they are with food allergies
      • You may be able to see a huge improvement in your health from eliminating the highly inflammatory foods, and then following a full AIP later when possible
      • Play with reintroduction to see what it is your body is reacting to
      • The longer the body is in an inflammatory pattern the harder it is to break out of the pattern
      • There are compelling reasons to put in some efforts – and breaking your approach into pieces now will be hugely beneficial over the longterm
      • Making progress towards the endpoint in a sustainable way is what matters more than jumping into a Paleo approach full steam ahead
      • Do the best you can now, acknowledge that there will be limitations along the way
      • Stock up on the foods that work well for you
  • Sarah’s approach to Paleo at college
    • Smaller batch cooking with one main protein, raw veggies, baked sweet potatoes
    • Keeping meat and veggies in the fridge
    • Preps for a few days in advance
    • Protein bars
    • Makes larger meals so she doesn’t need to snack
    • Prioritizes her budget around meat, vegetables and fruits
  • Thank you so much Sarah for coming on this week’s show!
  • Find Sarah:
  • Thanks everyone for listening – we will be back next week!
  • Outro (32:59)

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