TPV Podcast, Episode 191, Help, I resent my diet!

Ep. 191, Help, I resent my diet!

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah address a listener question on the frustration that can sometimes come with an elimination diet. Stacy and Sarah offer suggestions on how to make Paleo feel like less of a burden, and how to get our of a food rut.

The Paleo View TPV 191 Help I resent my diet

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 191, Help, I resent my diet!

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:18)
    • Sarah got the flu the day before leaving for vacation
      • She ended up feeling fine once she reached the location
      • Getting sick encouraged her to not work, and to make the vacation a vacation to recharge and get rest and it was wonderful
    • Stacy has been really busy with work, had some travel for work, and then came down with a little bug
      • Took the weekend to relax as a family, and did some cooking together
    • The point that Sarah is at with her health journey and her feelings towards how sick she has been this year, and her expectations for how Paleo supports her continued healing
    • Letting go of guilt or shame around not being perfect, being a real person who gets sick
  • Negativity within the Paleo community (17:58)
    • A judgemental attitude within the Paleo community has grown in recent years
    • The media also puts an unfair representation and critical opinion against the Paleo diet, which also leads to defensiveness within the community
      • Sarah doesn’t feel she should have to defend her choices, it is instead an opportunity to educate others
    • We are seeing shades of Paleo within the community, where people are implementing it in various ways, and it is leading to a my Paleo is better than your Paleo
    • This behavior is breeding a negative space, with an element of competition to it
    • The problem that comes when you feel like you have to sensor your life or lead people to expect that Paleo cures everything
    • The different camps of Paleo
  • Questions & Answers (24:08)
    • Anonymous – the reason I can’t seem to get back on the Paleo wagon is because I keep getting mad about not being able to cheat and eat like everyone else. I get mad about me needing to meal prep and go through the trouble of preparing every meal. So even though my health is declining every week that I keep eating “the bad stuff” and it isn’t motivating me enough, but just gets me wound up even more. What can I do to find peace and accept my body and the fact that it just doesn’t like me eating non Paleo food?
      • Stacy stressed the importance of just focusing on you
      • Disengage from habits that cause you stress, i.e. comparing yourself to others or feeling pressured by what others are or are not doing
      • Reframing the “on the wagon” mentality to be more about a choice and owning the choices you are making
      • Stacy’s approach to how she incorporates the 80/20, and how this sets her up for success
      • Check out Real Life Paleo or 3 Phase Paleo and perhaps try developing a new approach on how to create balance and sustainability within your own life
      • How stress and lack of sleep can impact our choices
      • Perhaps not necessarily focusing on the food piece right now, but instead focusing on sleep quality and quantity
      • Tips on how to get out of a food rut
        • Peruvian chicken
        • Having go-to take out food options in your area
        • Burger places that can do lettuce wraps, or a place that offers gluten-free buns
        • Deli section of grocery store with rotisserie chickens and simple steamed vegetables
        • Creating variety through various kinds of Paleo dressings and/or sauces
        • Costco’s Kale salad
        • Steaks and pork chops are very easy cuts of meat to cook
        • Recipes in the Instant Pot
        • Hard boiled eggs
        • Breakfast for dinner
        • Coming up with a list of recipes that you can create in under 10 minutes
        • Ground meat is also a great option for quick meals
      • Having a conversation with your significant other about how to create meals where you both have options you can enjoy
      • Avoid bringing trigger foods in the house
  • Stacy’s parting advice – good luck, worry about what is on your plate, and how you want to feel – it will make the choices easier
  • We will be back next week!
  • Thanks for listening everyone!
  • Outro (46:16)

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