TPV Podcast, Episode 189, Women’s Health Q&A

Ep. 189, Women’s Health Q&A

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah talk about women’s health and what the ranges of “normal” are for symptoms that are linked to your monthly cycle.

The Paleo View TPV 189 Womens heatlh QA

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 189, Women’s Health Q&A

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:18)
    • Stacy and Sarah’s Easter celebrations and activities
      • Matt and Stacy’s brunch spread
      • Egg filling and hiding
      • Leftover hardboiled eggs
    • Sarah’s husband’s work travels and turning them into family vacations
  • Women’s Health (12:35)
    • The things that women just kind of deal with that are annoying, not all of these things have to happen – often times when we change our diet and our lifestyle, these are the things that go away
    • The myth behind the Paleo diet being a “cure all”
  • Questions & Answers (17:32)
    • Leah – when I eat fermented foods, I get the feeling I am developing a yeast infection. Any suggestions?
      • Stacy thinks there might be an imbalance in the gut, and recommends looking into a diet to reset the bacteria in the gut
      • Sarah notes that studies show that probiotics can help fight candida
      • Candida likes high estrogen, high blood sugar, and high stress environments
      • The strains in fermented foods are known to help control candida growth
      • Facts about vaginitis (also known as a yeast infection)
        • Candida causes yeast infections about half of the time
        • Other culprits are bacterial infections, irritants, and allergies
        • So a yeast infection could also be caused by a food allergy
        • Sarah recommends getting tested for yeast sensitivities/allergies – these are common food sensitivities
        • There are a number of yeast free diets that you can utilize
        • Vaginitis can also be linked to STD’s, so it is worth getting tested
      • Stacy notes that menstruation products (or even condoms) can also cause irritations that are seen in the form of vaginitis
      • Be aware of what is your “normal” for symptoms that you experience around your monthly cycle, when consuming foods you are sensitive too, etc.
    • Jennie – why do I poop more, and experience gas, during my period?
      • Period poops are a real thing – the Buzzfeed article Stacy refers to
      • The situation is impacted by two things
      • First, you are probably eating less healthy food than you usually do as you are dealing with hormonal influenced cravings
      • And second, the hormone progesterone peeks during your period, which actually has an effect on how things move through your intestines
      • The high shift between progesterone and estrogen turning back on greatly impacts your bowels
      • The role prostaglandins play
  • Major props to Buzzfeed!
  • A special thank you to Stacy for her willingness to talk about poop!
  • And a thank you to the listeners – don’t forget to leave those reviews here please!
  • Stacy wished Sarah happy travels for her spring break vacation with her family
  • Outro (44:28)

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