TPV Podcast, Episode 186, Staying Paleo when Sick

Ep. 186, Staying Paleo when Sick

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah share tips on how to both continuously work towards healing through a Paleo diet and lifestyle, while also treating an illness, like a cold or virus.

The Paleo View TPV 186 Staying Paleo When Sick

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 186, Staying Paleo when Sick

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:18)
    • Spring has sprung in both Stacy’s and Sarah’s towns – their fear for what this may mean for an unexpected late snowfall
    • Stacy is finally back among the walking and actually ate a meal since falling dead to the stomach flu on Sunday
    • How Sarah is managing her severe lung infection at this point
    • Sarah’s reflection on the moments in life when she has listened to her body, and the times when she has ignored it
    • Sarah’s thoughts on blending diet and lifestyle with western medicine practices
    • How difficult it can sometimes be to listen to your own body
    • The topic for this week’s show is centered around the topic of staying Paleo when sick and how to recover
  • Science with Sarah (22:35)
    • Sarah is often asked about how to mitigate the effects of taking antibiotics, so would like to discuss how to recover from treating an illness
    • Antibiotics are an issue because they are not specific, they kill a wide range of bacteria
    • One of the first bacteria that antibiotics encounter is the bacteria that is living in our digestive tracks, which is why gastrointestinal issues are a common side effect of taking antibiotics
    • All that the gut bacteria is responsible for in maintaining our overall health and wellness
    • When we kill all our gut bacteria we can experience diarrhea, bloating, gas, stomachaches, nausea, and changes in taste preferences
    • Studies show that being on antibiotics once creates an irreversible loss of biodiversity in the gut micro biome – however, more studies should be done to test this over a greater stretch of time to look at this point further
    • While taking antibiotics you want to take high doses of probiotics, and you want to stagger the probiotics as far away from your antibiotics as you can
    • There is not a general consensus on serving size recommendations, but the ‘more the better’ mentality is perfectly safe
    • The probiotics are not replacing what the antibiotics are killing, the incoming probiotics are coming into the system to keep the good gut bacteria jobs still going
    • After the course of antibiotics, you want to focus on recovering the micro biome and on rebuilding the bacteria diversity by feeding a diversity of fiber to your gut micro biome in a moderate fat environment – and you do this to tolerance
    • You also want to practice patience with the process, know that it takes a lot of time to reestablish that gut micro biome diversity
  • Questions & Answers (35:28)
    • Cat – in need of some ideas on how to continue with an autoimmune protocol diet when sick
      • Look at AIP friendly baked recipes like plantain muffins, baked apples, etc.
      • Try getting broth in
      • If you eat something like a Ritz cracker, your body not only has to fight the illness, but the additional inflammation of the food you are introducing when your body is already going haywire
      • Smoothies with collagen peptides would be very beneficial
      • Giving ourselves permission to take medication that will help us feel better
    • Tammy – recommendations on how to treat a cold needed
      • When Stacy opts to take medicine to treat a cold – it is after neti potting and lots of sleep just aren’t working
      • Stacy was careful to check her cold treatment ingredients and chose a Tylenol version because of her autoimmune condition
      • Sarah’s thoughts on zpacks and other commonly recommended cold treatments
      • Sarah takes medicine for colds when her ability to sleep is being compromised
      • Again, don’t look at having to take medication as a failure or a setback, but also be sure to not let medication stop you from continuing the pursuit of health through diet and lifestyle
  • Thanks everyone for tuning in!
  • Outro (56:11)

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