TPV Podcast, Episode 185, ADHD & Life Update from Cole

Ep. 185, ADHD & Life Update from Cole

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Cole, who is back on the show to share an update on his progress managing his ADHD symptoms.

The Paleo View TPV 185 ADHD Life Update Cole

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 185, ADHD & Life Update from Cole

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:18)
    • Sarah is sick with a pneumonia and working hard to get better
    • Here to help with the show since Sarah is feeling sick, is Matt and Stacy’s oldest son, Cole
    • For today’s show, Cole is on to share an update on his ADHD symptoms and the lifestyle factors he is incorporating to help with his symptoms
      • The Paleo View episode that last featured Cole with update on ADHD can be found HERE
      • For more information, check out ADHD Impulse Control: from Frustration to Fantastic blog post HERE
    • Cole is 10, he is in 5th grade, has ADHD, and loves to play board games
    • As a recap, Cole incorporates his Paleo lifestyle at school by making his own lunch and bringing Tate’s gluten-free cookies when there is a special occasion in class
    • Since Cole last joined us for a recording of The Paleo View:
      • They tried incorporating supplements into Cole’s diet, which didn’t work
      • And then try tried coffee for awhile, but then Cole found that he needed it less and less
      • Now Cole is riding his bike to school or walking, which definitely helps with his ADHD symptoms while at school
      • How Cole’s teacher helps Cole develop his learning skills and how that impacts his ADHD
      • Cole has also joined a sport that he is loving and thriving in – wrestling
      • What Matt and Stacy saw in Cole once he started wrestling
      • How Cole is now able to play computer games in limited amounts of time when other elements are in check
        • Stacy has noticed that Cole responds differently to playing computer games versus console games on the TV
    • Stacy’s reflection on how amazing Cole’s progress has been
    • Sarah’s thoughts on how positive and happy Cole sounds
    • How Stacy feels about seeing her son form strong friendships and finding happiness
    • The level of lifestyle experimentation that is happening and how impressive Sarah finds that level of tinkering and fine-tuning to be, and how she thinks this will positively impact Cole as an adult
    • All the ‘yay mom’ moments that Sarah sends to Stacy
    • Attachment parenting, and following intuition in the decisions Matt and Stacy are making for their children
    • How willing Cole has been to work with Matt and Stacy on this level of lifestyle testing
  • Thanks everyone for tuning in and for the ongoing support and encouragement we have received on this topic since first opening up about Cole and his ADHD
  • Stacy is so happy to hear how Cole’s story has connected with others and is so grateful for the responses Matt, Stacy and Cole have received on this topic
  • Outro (37:37)

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