TPV Podcast, Episode 183, Creating Consistency

Ep. 183, Creating Consistency

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah discuss the importance of consistency and how we navigate consistency even when life presents challenges to our norm.

The Paleo View TPV 183 Creating Consistency

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 183, Creating Consistency

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
  • Consistency with commitments
    • This week Stacy and Sarah will discuss the importance of consistency and how we navigate consistency even when life presents challenges
    • Stacy’s focus on not worrying over every little thing and how that supports her consistency
    • The fine line between maintaining a commitment and obsessing about it
    • Turning a commitment into something negative – an eating disorder is an example of this
    • Consistent health habits are very important, but if maintaining consistency is creating stress than you are not actually proactively working towards health
    • How can you be consistent in a sustainable way – how can I realign this plan to make it a lifestyle?
    • When you hit the wall with life – not just giving up and going off plan, but finding ways to adapt
    • How Sarah copes with high stress or feelings of fatigue so that she is able to maintain her health habits – it boils down to adapting to daily scenarios as needed
    • When you have a day and you don’t necessarily adapt, but change plans all together – forgive yourself and move forward – form a new plan for the new day
    • Coming up with non food rewards when you accomplish goals with consistency
    • How to avoid being plagued by negativity when things don’t always go according to plan
  • Science with Sarah (21:54)
    • Recent studies have shown that consistency in bedtime and waketwme are really important
    • A couple of different labs have looked at this in different ways
    • The more variability that we have in our bedtime and wake-time, and the more mismatch that we have between our schedule and our body’s need for consistent bedtimes and wake-times, the worse the health outcomes
    • How Sarah has focused on consistency in bedtime and the sleep quality improvements she has seen as a result
      • When she needs flexibility in life she tries to get it from other areas, and keeps sleep as a top priority
    • Sleep doesn’t come easy to Stacy, but how she still works to keep sleep a priority
    • Knowing your magic number for how many hours of sleep you need
    • Rejigging life for a focus on sleep to regulate hormones, regain focus, and increase efficiency
    • Stacy’s research on “multitasking too much”
    • The power of sticking to one task or one top priority
  • The commitment to whatever your health philosophy/diet may be, it is interesting to recognize how we approach our diet and lifestyle choices is intertwined with how we approach life and how we find balance
  • A very special happy birthday to Matt!
  • Thank you everyone for tuning in!
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  • Outro (38:59)

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