TPV Podcast, Episode 175, Ask Us Anything

Ep. 175, Ask Us Anything

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah take listener questions via Facebook and Instagram and host an ‘Ask us Anything’ show.

The Paleo View TPV 175 Ask us Anything

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 175, Ask Us Anything

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • Happy Holidays!
    • Since this show will air on Christmas, Stacy and Sarah thought it would be fun to host a light, ‘ask us anything’ show – where the call for questions was put out on both Instagram and Facebook earlier in the week
    • If you sent in a question and they aren’t answered tonight, we will put them in the queue for a future show
      • The Paleo Parent’s team will be answering the remaining questions submitted to Stacy’s Facebook and Instagram directly on social media
    • The Healing Kitchen released last week, the release party was held the weekend after, and Sarah is feeling exhausted from the busy schedule and the late nights
    • Sarah and her husband showed their older daughter Star Wars movies 4, 5, 6 and then episodes 1, 2, 3 before taking her to see the 7th movie
    • Favorite lines from The Lego Movie 
  • Ask Us Anything (9:21)
    • How did the two of you end up doing a podcast together?
      • Sarah’s first paleo book she received to review was Eat Like a Dinosaur
      • Stacy and Matt really liked Sarah’s site and the content and knowledge she brought to the paleo community, and reached out to her looking to collaborate on a number of things
      • Matt’s long-time interest in producing a podcast
      • Stacy identifying Sarah as a great fit as a podcast co-host because of the angle she brought to the table
      • How they identified their show format
      • Matt figured out the logistics
      • The show then vs. now
    • How did you all meet? How did you find your crew?
      • Stacy is a bit of a social butterfly and loves to host parties, which is how she built her community
      • Liz Wolfe was Stacy’s entry point into the paleo community
      • Creating a village based on your interests
      • As a blogger, the necessity of having a community to share ideas with, vent, etc.
      • Getting together in person once a year at Paleo f(x)
      • Creating a Meet-Up group
      • Sarah found her community grew through Stacy
      • Fans turned friends
      • The importance of friendships and community – how they propel you to be your best self
    • If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing?
      • Stacy would be a professional food critic
      • What Stacy does during the day for her job as a negotiator
      • Sarah would be running her own research lab
      • Stacy’s back up plan is a bed & breakfast, which will happen the year Wesley graduates
    • Where is your favorite place you ever vacationed?
      • Stacy’s regular spot is Smith Mountain Lake
      • And Stacy’s close follow up favorites are Universal Studios in Florida, and the Low Carb Cruise she went on with Matt
      • The road trip and camping trips Sarah took with her family when she was younger – Wickaninnish Beach, Wells Gray Provincial Park, Pinery Provincial Park
      • Sarah’s experience taking the girls to Disney
      • Sarah’s experience in Florence, Italy
    • What is your favorite kitchen gadget or toy? What is on your wish list?
      • Stacy’s is her iSi Whip Creamer, and on her wish list is a coffee espresso machine
      • The thing Sarah uses the most is her electrical kettle, and her close second is her waffle iron
      • On Sarah’s wish list is an air fryer
    • What is your biggest pet peeve that comes with being “paleo celebs”?
      •  Stacy’s is when she doesn’t remember someone she has met before, or can’t identify them based on their Instagram profile
      • Sarah’s is how many different demands there are on her time – more specifically company reps  and certain people
  • Tangent, Matt and Stacy are working on a nut-free, egg-free version of Monkey Bread that they are hoping to push live on the blog before Christmas
    • Favorite spot for a date night out and why?
      • Stacy’s is The Alamo, which is a dinner-theatre in the area
      • Sarah’s is the local theatre where her family takes acting classes, and to take improv classes with her husband
    • What would you go back and tell yourself ten years ago, knowing what you now know about your life, your health, your success, etc.?
      • Stacy’s is – don’t eat that and also to stop dieting
      • Sarah’s would be – everything she knows about science is applicable, and it doesn’t take a lot of digging to find answers
    • What is a paleo trend which you at first loved but are now totally over?
      • Stacy’s is recreating a recipe to be paleo that is still void of nutrients, and how many bloggers cater to those demands from the paleo community
      • Sarah’s is that we can eat as much fat as we want and the science behind why this is ridiculous thinking
    • What is your most hated activity in Strongman/CrossFit?
      • Stacy’s least favorite is sled drills
      • Sarah’s is weighted lunges and weighted running
    • Are there things about each other that annoy you both?
      • Of course, but those aren’t things they need to talk about
    • How did you meet and fall in love with your husband?
      • See this post from Stacy here on how they met
      • And Stacy realized she loved Matt at a Thanksgiving dinner with Matt’s family
      • Sarah met her husband at university when going to talk to her crush, who was talking to Sarah’s now husband
      • The meeting that both Stacy and her husband were at and how funny he was, and how that sparked a friendship, which eventually led to a dinner invite and date
      • Sarah fell in love with her husband’s sense of humor
      • Survivors of Dad jokes – a YouTube must see
    • What kind of day job does Stacy do?
      • Stacy reads technical documents all day long that involves negotiations with the federal government
    • How are your sex lives since going paleo?
      • Matt did a blog post on this topic here
      • Sarah is going to say good
      • Losing weight, hormone regulation and balanced energy is always a good thing for relationships
    • Typical day is?
      • Stacy sleeps in pretty late, then has a coffee or tea when leaving after spending a bit of time with the kids, Stacy goes to work and has both breakfast and lunch there, then she comes home and they have a family dinner together, and then they play games, read books, workout, etc. before the kids go to bed
      • Sarah gets up at 6:30 and makes her kid’s lunches, she then drives them to school and goes right to CrossFit, comes home after training and gets right to work, only breaking once for a meal until her kids get home, and then she picks her kids up and they do after school activities, Sarah then makes dinner, plays games and reads books with the girls, and then her kids are to bed pretty early, and then she works for a little bit longer and around 9:00 p.m. wraps up to have time with her husband and wind down
    • What is your favorite color?
      • Stacy’s is black
      • Sarah’s is green
  • Wishing everyone a happy holiday, we will be back next week!
  • Stacy reminds people to keep your head on between Christmas and New Years
  • Outro (1:13:47)

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