TPV Podcast, Episode 168, Navigating the Paleo Life Single

Ep. 168, Navigating the Paleo Life Single

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Sarah’s team member, Claire, who shares tips on navigating a paleo lifestyle as a young, single woman (think dining out and dating paleo, balancing dietary choices in social settings, and cooking for one).

The Paleo View TPV 168 Navigating Paleo Life Single

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 168, Navigating the Paleo Life Single

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • Stacy is working on recovering from her back injury, but had an excellent Halloween weekend despite the frustrations from dealing with an injury
    • Sarah is exhausted – she has one of her rockstar team members in town (Claire) and they have been working on filming cooking videos to go with the meal plans in The Healing Kitchen
    • Weather happenings for Stacy and Sarah
    • Sarah has already started her Thanksgiving cooking
    • Claire offers great insight on how to prep paleo meals for 1
    • How Claire connected with Sarah and a bit on how she joined The Paleo Mom’s team
    • Through a doctor recommendation, Claire adopted the paleo diet and 75% of her digestive issues went away
    • Claire’s experience with learning how to cook, and self-experiemention to find the foods that make her feel great and what doesn’t make her feel good
    • Being less concerned with whether a food is paleo or not, but instead finding a sustainable balance incorporating the foods that make Claire feel her best
    • What Sarah has seen in her oldest daughter as she has discovered what foods make her feel her best, and how to avoid the foods that don’t make her feel good
    • While eating paleo can sometimes make you feel different and make you feel like you are missing out, what you actually have is this great power to understand what it is that keeps you healthy and to ultimately keep yourself healthy for the rest of your life and not play catch up when you are older
    • How Sarah feels like she is playing catch up on her health
    • The health concerns that come with a lengthy history of dieting
    • How disordered diet habits can carry over even when we adopt a paleo diet for healing (see more on this topic here)
    • The power of using leftovers, even for breakfast
    • How Claire would set-up her Sunday batch cooking to have healthy meals on hand for the week
    • Stacy recommends looking at Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed for great tips on prepping ahead and adding diversity to your meals
    • Claire’s number one tip to people who tolerate eggs is to make a mayo yourself because there are so many different ways to change the flavor profile of a meal with mayo as a base
    • Navigating eating out
      • Research the menu in advance online
      • Check farm to table resources that may have a restaurant directory
      • Have a strategy prepped in advance when dining out
      • Don’t be shy to ask questions and make requests at the restaurant, even call ahead to address the questions you have prior to dining there
      • Eat a bit before dining out if you are worried about your choices (ex. a dinner party at someone’s house)
      • Keep an Epic Bar/RxBar in your purse
    • Dating paleo
      • Try to pick the restaurant if possible, or make a suggestion on what kind of food you would like
      • If asked, Claire lets her date know that she eats gluten-free, dairy free, and doesn’t discuss the paleo diet element right away
    • Claire knows her priorities and where she is and isn’t willing to flex them
    • How Stacy applies many of Claire’s principles in her work setting as well
    • Inspiring others through your actions and choices
    • Claire’s 3 top tips for people who are single and struggling to make paleo work:
      • Use whatever fridge and freezer space you have to your advantage – cook at home as often as possible, buy in bulk
      • Don’t feel like you have to shop at a speciality grocery store to find “special foods”, you can make most foods at home or find similar versions at your general grocery store
      • Go live your life the way that you want to, don’t let your food or dietary choices limit the way you live your life – don’t neglect your social life because you don’t think you can make it work, because you absolutely can and should
  • Thanks for tuning in – we will be back next week!
  • Outro (1:13:00)

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