TPV Podcast, Episode 14: Practical Paleo Part 2: Food Prep

Our fourteenth show!
Ep. 14: Practical Paleo Part 2: Food Prep

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In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are joined by the fantastic Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo to discuss practical tips on running your paleo kitchen. How do you do quick meals on hectic nights? How do you manage your time so you’re not spending all of it in the kitchen? How do you store food and handle it safely so you don’t get sick? All these topics and more are discussed by three women who are successfully doing it!


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 14: Practical Paleo Part 2: Food Prep

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:18 – News and Views
    • Our guest this week is none other than our main lady, Nom Nom Paleo! Check out her iPad app here (our review). You may follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.
    • Stacy, has dethaw! It’s a generally accepted colloquialism!
    • Remember kids, only you can avoid cooking your hand and burning your beard off!
    • It is true that I once broke my clavicle at a softball game and attempted to continue playing.
    • Our Great Wolf Lodge trip was documented here and includes tips on traveling on paleo
  • 9:52 – Science with Sarah: Why should you have a manual defrost freezer?
    • Frozen meat? Like from US Wellness?
    • -20 degrees Celsius is actually -4 degrees Fahrenheit and also 253.15 Kelvin.
    • Here’s a comparison between frost-free and manual freezers. While the hassle of defrosting a freezer is problematic, your food will not dry out like the frost-free and it will be more energy efficient.
    • Ladies, chest freezers are way better! More energy efficient and will last longer in a blackout because the cold air will stay down in the freezer instead of escaping out the door!
  • 16:47 – Questions and answers
    • 17:10 – How do you prepare food for different caloric needs?
    • 26:05 – How do I keep from being in the kitchen all the time?
      • I spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen, but I try really hard to multitask with it. I invite the kids in and we do homework together while I cook or we play board games or talk about our days or even do something for myself.
      • (By the way, being an at home dad is not the hardest job in the world and I can’t imagine the amount of intellectual focus and drove it takes to have Stacy’s job, but it is the hardest job to manage and do successfully)
      • Time management from Sarah
      • And perhaps it would be helpful to check out Once a Month Mom? There are certainly adaptable menus there.
      • Well Fed and our reviews.
    • 35:30 – Tips about freezing food and food safety
    • 52:12 – Is baking powder paleo?
      • Baking powder recipe
      • Chemical formula: 9 Na2CO3 + 2 KC4H5O6 = 5 H2O + 17 CO2 + 18 Na + 2 K. It’s the CO2 that makes it rise
    • 57:36 – How long until the beef fat from stock last?
      • Pure fat will definitely last months, but that fat from the stock will definitely contaminate in a week or two.
    • 1:00:34 – Can you poach fish from frozen?
    • 1:03:33 -How do you eat sardines?
  • 1:11:33 – Paleo Parenting
    • How do you include your kids in your food prep?
  • 1:20:54 -Outro

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