Solutions to Thriving During COVID-19 Chaos

Woah, a LOT has changed for most of us within a very short time span! Change is hard, and with all the panic-providing fear-mongering out there, it’s hard to feel confident and empowered as we look to be solution-oriented. This week I joined forces with Shanna Nemrow, NTP (a homeschooling mama with tons of tips for healthy family tips for those of us in this new position) and Lindsay Young, CTNC (a certified nutrition coach) to deliver what we hope will be a tool you can use amid this world-wide pandemic: Solutions to Thriving During COVID-19 Chaos video and tools.

I want to be very clear: none of us are medical professionals. If you feel you may be sick, seek immediate medical intervention from a licensed physician. Our goal is NOT to tell you there is a certain pill or thing you can do to avoid infection – that’s just not the truth. Anyone telling you that is not only taking advantage, but also certainly trying to sell you something. Instead, our goal is to help you feel in control of those things you can control: a relaxed, stress-free home focused on quality time with loved ones, strengthening your immune system through lifestyle and nutrition, and products that will reduce your toxic load while still being effective against germs.

To watch the Solutions to Thriving During COVID-19 Chaos video or access the tools from Shanna and Lindsay, click above for it to be e-mailed to you. For my Non-Toxic Product Guide, here are the references.


Follow EWG Safer Cleaning Guide. Top recommendations to avoid are:

  • 53% of cleaning products contain ingredients known to harm lungs; 22% cause asthma to develop in otherwise healthy individuals
  • Fragrance, where MANY ingredients hide
  • Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen is often used as a preservative or may be released by other preservatives, like terpenes, interact
  • Bleach, which can release chloroform fumes
  • Triclosan, a toxic antimicrobial pesticide
  • Quaternary ammonium (benzalkonium chloride) can cause asthma
  • Sodium borate (borax or boric acid)  can disrupt the hormones

CDC reference for soap HERE
… studies have shown that there is no added health benefit for consumers (this does not include professionals in the healthcare setting) using soaps containing antibacterial ingredients compared with using plain soap. As a result, FDA issued a final rule in September 2016 that 19 ingredients in common “antibacterial” soaps, including triclosan, were no more effective than non-antibacterial soap and water and thus these products are no longer able to be marketed to the general public.

I have 4 favorite home cleaning sources:

While other brands, like 365 from WholeFoods, Mrs. Meyers, Method, and Dr. Bronners might have some items that our family would use, they are often inconsistent in their ingredients so I cannot recommend.


If you’re looking for easy-button solutions to the healthier nutrient-density foods that will help your health consider:

  • Frozen foods will make the flu virus be dormant, and cooking to 140 degrees F will kill the germs; be mindful when not cooking at home
  • Spices such as garlic, tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, and clove are anti-inflammatory can help the body’s immune system
  • Reduce Omega 6’s and increase Omega 3’s to improve your body’s inflammation and immune response:
    • Healthy fats are key! Add salmon/seafood, grass-fed beef, & olive/coconut/avo oil
    • Reduce grains, a high source of Omega 6’s

Here are 5 of my favorites for clean-ingredient real foods when I want support:


In my quest for sustainability and supporting business that give back to people and planet, while improving my own health, I love:

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